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インターナショナル認定ファシリテーター ・日本商工会議所登録講師 ・奈良通1級 ・文化学園大学講師歴任・むらおこし論(中小企業庁長官賞受賞) ・富山県南砺市観光大使任命・山梨県の特産大使歴任、全国延べ1000か所を歴訪する。  現在は古代史の研究に取り組み画面左サイドの4冊発刊、特に『日本の始まり』に拘り、古事記、万葉集、日本書記に取り組む。現在はむらおこし第二弾、『ふるさとおこし』に邁進してtる。」

・最終学歴:法政大学卒業 ・kurasigetadao


・小売業のTQC(ビジネス社) ・危ない企業の見分け方,流通覇権等(ビジネス社) ・地域リーダーが日本を救う(山下出版) ・経営分析がスッキリ判って見につく本(山下出版) ・大店法改正の衝撃と小売業の戦略(山下出版) ・流通業のリエンジニアリング(山下出版) ・QCルートセールのやり方(ビジネス社) ・第三チャネルが流通制覇を握る日(山下出版) ・中小企業診断士試験教本(山下出版) ・コミュニティマート読本(共書・ビジネス社) ・『吾、心の旅』飛鳥・奈良時代の大和路を行く(PH総研) ・女帝から見た古代史の真実弱者論理で歴史を見る(PH総研) ・万葉歌の謎、隠された漢字の謎(PH総研) ・古代史4冊(左サイト画面の4冊) ・古事記解体・神武東征はなかった。

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-Incorporated company PH research institute


- The last school education : graduation from Hosei \University.


- Representative director Kurashige Tadao.




- A medium and small business consultant.


-an IT coordinator,


-a first-class hannbaisi.


- Herman international authorization facilitator.


- the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry registration lecturer  


- Nara -- the 1st class of connoisseur.


- bunkagakuen University Lecturer Successive service in various posts .


-the Toyama Nanto sightseeing ambassador appointment, and Yamanashi Prefecture, and 1000 national total one.




The contents about which I speak are about the meaning and importance of the Nara sightseeing 


<< talk 1>>.

 I am Tadao Kurashige.
Why is the Nara sightseeing important?
How was Japanese culture produced?
When unified Japan for the first time? ,
When was the Emperor born?
Getting to know these is traveling Nara.
I exist really, so that ancient ruins are surprised at Nara. Ancient gods exist in actual space. The thing grows into the illusion which carried out the time slip before also 1500.
It is the first reason this thing travels from Nara.
The oldest book in Japan is the Kojiki.
The Kojiki was completed in A.D. 720.
The God oldest in the contents is an izanagi and an izanami.
The amaterasu was produced from this God.
An amaterasu, a susanoo, and a tujuyomi are called sankisin. The gods who cannot finish counting from these gods are born.
A reason is for justifying Emperor Jimmu's birth.
It is for complicating and carrying out by making it get confused.
But now, the trick is clear.
The posterity of an amaterasu grows into Emperor Jimmu.
Emperor Jimmu is the Japanese founder Emperor.
That is, the first Emperor is a legendary hero.
The contents on account of ancient events begin from earth creation. And Emperor Jimmu is on B.C. January 1, 711.
Although National Foundation Day is on February 11, it becomes by the lunar calendar on January 1.
Emperor Jimmu's birthday grows into National Foundation Day. In Japan, February 11 becomes a public holiday.
That he is surprised has an ancient huge Imperial mausoleum in Nara Prefecture. The true character is a keyhole-shaped mound and a big Imperial mausoleum.
The Imperial mausoleum from the first jinmmu Emperor to the 49th generation Emperor Konin exists really.
This thing hits in the period of 661 to [ B.C. ] era 781. The visitor settled about in the 300s.
The 500s came and the visitor told the yamato country (Japan old name) the China culture. I follow and it is surmised that the ancient culture in 1000 was formed from the 500s.

Ancient ruins in the meantime and ancient history data can feel in Nara. Moreover, it is that many in the oldest book Kojiki exist really.

The first jinmmu Emperor came to Osaka from Kyushu, and conquered the yamato. In Japanese history, I remain as jinmmu conquest of the East.

Kashihara Jingu in Nara Prefecture is with the background of accession to the throne.

The Kojiki is also called apocryphal book.
It is the book which combined an anecdote, a myth, and actual existence.
Therefore, I am whether it is the right history, and I will become an apocryphal book if it says. However, many are telling the fact.

The fact is existing in Nara.
Description of the Nihon shoki exists mostly in a similar manner. Furthermore, a manyouka monument sticks to an old road and has become a tourist draw.
Moreover, I see the former site of asuka Miya, Fujiwarakyo, and a heijyoukyou, and am impressed.
Thus, 300 to [ era ] 1000 years of history becomes important.
Because, since it is the beginning of the ancient Japan culture, I am important. A character, poetry, and writing are the foundations of ancient culture.


Japanese ancient-times culture moved from Nara with Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo. Here is the reason I begin sightseeing from Nara. Then, I wrote this book in the meaning which expresses the history of Nara intelligibly. Two young men and women fall into love, do a time slip to ancient times, and come at the ancient times of Nara.

Let's begin the history of Nara.
Seiko and Genji show ancient Nara.


《talk  2》

It will be why that a man and a womanencounter and feels love for a moment. Isn't it because it possibly comes intocontact with to truth? in a life, this is actual -- I want you to be dream .Supposingit encounters failure, it will give up, if this is true. Is that right sureenough? It is a question whether it of only is true. No, there is other truth.I do not want to consider simply that it is alive in infinity. It is notnecessary to give up. The truth which encountered is one of thedecision-making.

By chance, it only chose from plurality.Therefore, there must be other choices. But, it has given up simply.


A social rule, a rule, ethics, a limit,abandonment, etc. make truth ignorant. This world is infinite and is spacewithout substance. After all, it is having also considered decision-making inman's brain. Over 2000 or more, Buddhism is what and the Buddhist scripture of20,000 points, and presupposed that it is finally "empty." Aphilosopher gives up with I think, therefore I exist.

But that I am here only presupposes that itis a fact.


The physicist presupposed that a neutrinois the minimum unit after all, and has obscured truth. If it points out likethis, reality is a process of decision-making and supposes that it is true. Forexample, the following.

It has made decisions in the instant whichchanged the signal to yellow. And they are 1/10 of decision-making for 1second. In this case, a car may be parked or thrust in. If it becomes so, itmay have stopped suddenly or may thrust in.


It is both actual and it true. or [choosing which from two or more decision-making ] -- the person himself/herself-- it is order.


When it thinks so, isn't decision-making ofman and woman of encounter also the same? There is a turning point of failureand a success by momentary decision-making. Go into decision-making insuper-slow motion.

The reality and truth of the success arewaiting for the decision-making. The hikarugenji went into decision-making ofthe success and asked for the woman of the ideal. And also by chance, he metSeiko. It is an uphill of that garden of flowers. This tale begins from there.