It will be why that a man and a woman encounter and feels love for a moment. Isn't it because it possibly comes into contact with to truth? in a life, this is actual -- I want you to be dream .Supposing it encounters failure, it will give up, if this is true. Is that right sure enough? It is a question whether it of only is true. No, there is other truth. I do not want to consider simply that it is alive in infinity. It is not necessary to give up. The truth which encountered is one of the decision-making.

By chance, it only chose from plurality. Therefore, there must be other choices. But, it has given up simply.


A social rule, a rule, ethics, a limit, abandonment, etc. make truth ignorant. This world is infinite and is space without substance. After all, it is having also considered decision-making in man's brain. Over 2000 or more, Buddhism is what and the Buddhist scripture of 20,000 points, and presupposed that it is finally "empty." A philosopher gives up with I think, therefore I exist.

But that I am here only presupposes that it is a fact.


The physicist presupposed that a neutrino is the minimum unit after all, and has obscured truth. If it points out like this, reality is a process of decision-making and supposes that it is true. For example, the following.

It has made decisions in the instant which changed the signal to yellow. And they are 1/10 of decision-making for 1 second. In this case, a car may be parked or thrust in. If it becomes so, it may have stopped suddenly or may thrust in.


It is both actual and it true. or [ choosing which from two or more decision-making ] -- the person himself/herself -- it is order.


When it thinks so, isn't decision-making of man and woman of encounter also the same? There is a turning point of failure and a success by momentary decision-making. Go into decision-making in super-slow motion.

The reality and truth of the success are waiting for the decision-making. The hikarugenji went into decision-making of the success and asked for the woman of the ideal. And also by chance, he met Seiko. It is an uphill of that garden of flowers. This tale begins from there.














<Table of contents>.

The 1 talk A hikarugenji, sudden encounter.

The 2 talk He is invasion and a red flower to a vast mansion.

The 3 talk A fortune overlaps that it is accidental and he appreciates red hexagon power.

The 4 talk It feels uneasy by wonderful hexagon power.

The 5 talk  A cellular phone resounds one day when half a year has passed.

The 6 talk   Take me out. A shout sad on the other side of a telephone.

The 7 talk   A choice makes full use of and rescues all that are not resisted.

The 8 talk   The hexagon power explosion and the police car disappeared suddenly.

The  9 talk  It comes and is a newlywed life with the hometown and Seiko of a hikarugenji.

The 10 talk Heian in an asuka and Nara   Newlywed life of a dream.

The 11 talk  The honeymoon and interview which enjoy ancient times.

The 12 talk  Emperor Saimei gives to a hikarugenji with Seiko.

The 13 talk   Happiness of the sent large white cloth.

The 14 talk   Two persons who love in the world of a neutrino.

The 15 talk  One day is finished, and there is good night.

The 16 talk   Asuka protected in the megalith and the huge slot.

The 17 talk   The decision, Seiko that encourages desperately, nukata princesses.

The 18 talk   A nukata can be rescued and it is the first rebellion in Emperor successive generation.

The 19 talk   A nukata princess can be looked for, and begin to - Live, save and come out.

The 20 talk   A nukata is a woman those who love are only one persons.

The 20 talk  Those who do the woman and love of a nukata are only one persons.

The 21 talk  The root of a hikarugenji is here.

The 22 talk A hikarugenji hears the beginning of the Fujiwra house.

The 23 talk Emperor Temmu's Yoshino alliance was wrong.

The 24 talk Seiko's uneasy hit and death of the Emperor Temmu mystery.

The 25 talk It is a direct hit interview to the planned ootumiko.

The 26 talk An elder sister ookumiko bears a younger brother.

The 27 talk   Night with Takaichi which the toithi looked at even in the dream.

The 28 talk The misfortune came also for takaitimiko remainder suddenly.

The  29 talk  A takaitimiko it is a wail to eternal separation.

The 30 talk   Emperor Jito's real intention appears.

The 31 talk   Emperor Jito's real intention and tenacity of purpose.

The 32 talk  fuhito and Michiyo Tachibana were forcibly made into husband and wife.

The 33 talk  fuhito and Michiyo Tachibana were moving by  the shadow.

The 34 talk   Fearful confidential talk of a fuhito and Emperor Jito.

The 35 talk   A miyako(Monbufujin and Emperor Shomu's mother ) is dangerous.

The 36 talk   What happened in the inside of darkness, and Fujiwarakyo?

The 37 talk  Fujiwarakyo and a heijyoukyou, and the transfer of the capital and Fuhito moved.The 38 talk  The world of the large white cloth of one sheet where a hikarugenji and Seiko talk together.

The 39 talk  Talk the trip of a heian together from Nara.

The 40 talk  An obitomiko (Emperor Shomu) and Emperor Monmu's child.

The 41 talk  Seiko interviews a mitiyo clearly.

The 42 talk   Transfer the capital to Emperor Gemmei and a heijyoukyou.

The 43 talk   Emperor Gensyo who deserted the woman and enjoyed life.

The  44 talk  Accede to the throne as an obitomiko and Emperor Shomu at the age of 24.

The 45 talk   A hikarugenji hears the real intention of a fuhito.

The 46 talk   It is miyako rescue and is surprising truth. 

The 47 talk   Peace returns with brilliant Emperor Shomu's command.

The 48 talk   Emperor Shomu's daughter is the last queen of the Nara period.

The 49 talk   Emperor Junnin by whom banishment was done to Awaji.

The 50 talk   Seiko's desperate persuasion was not accepted by the queen, either.

The 51 talk   The last Emperor Konin and trap of the Nara period were waiting.

The 52 talk   Emperor Kammu who did the transfer of the capitalto Nagaoka and Heiankyo by the curse.

The 53 talk   The heizei Emperor who mistook politics by the woman, miserable end.

The 54 talk  kusuko (Cuzco) was a woman of devilism.

The 55 talk   Although it was Emperor Saga excellent in Chinese poetry, it was extreme to the woman.

The 56 talk   Emperor Junna for whom strengthening and the tyokuhiden of local administration are conspicuous.

The 57 talk   Emperor Nimmyo who racked his brains for the Fujiwara house which aimed at the cloister government.

The 58 talk   The 55th generation Emperor Montoku troubled with Crown Prince selection.  

The 59 talk   Emperor Seiwa who trifled to the Fujiwara yosifusa which is regency. 

The 60 talk   Emperor Yozei who lacks in the nature of an eccentric person, a crank and the Emperor.

The 61 talk   Emperor Koukou also produced Genji's gaiseki.

The 62 talk   Emperor Uda chooses not politics but Buddhist teachings.

The 63 talk   Emperor Daigo is troubled with argument of a tokihira with Michizane.

The 64 talk   The Fujiwara Empress organization solidifies and the Empress's child is situated immediately.

The 65 talk   Murakami Emperor which edited the gosenwakasyuu.

The 66 talk   The imperial family's blood induced the hikarugenji. 

The 67 talk   A return and now, it is a start by neutrino ship.













The 1 talk  A hikarugenji, sudden encounter.

It was a sudden occurrence.

He was surprised with whether such a woman was in this world, and the hikarugenji was able to believe its eyes hardly. A triple jump will be carried out to liking to become a favorite type and friends and it being lovely lightly exceeding that dimension.  The thirst for blood of an inspiration is DNA sensitivity. The hikarugenji which touched on true love! A way of speaking does not have the touch of eyes made into her Ur Ur, either, and it stimulated the heart. It is made young, and it dies and is the parted mother's image. eye a woman of the ideal for which it has searched in quest of a mother for a long time -- it is unbearable. It is an itikoro.

If it is called either, the proper size and a breast are rich.

A constriction clarifies and she is a woman with a beautiful fingertip of a hand.

She heard from the uneme, when acted as a secretary of the bank.

It pointed to the uneme so that her history and house might be investigated first of all.

Hurry. There is no hikarugenji in when and it made the breast hot.

Several days passed and her home became clear.

He was surprised to see the address indicated on the received documents.

She was a daughter of the large palatial residence near what and the hikarugenji.

It is confident if it is means and there. An opportunity must be seen and it cannot but trespass upon a house. The hikarugenji determined the heart.

Although he would like to invade, it is full of uneasy. It is a basis as even if it fails.

It is an itikabatika about whether it succeeds.

Invasion was decided in the moment to be urged to a hikarugenji at instinct.

Quick decision. Does it come out as good luck sure enough?



















hikarugenji 29 years-old (single and consultant manager)

daughter Seiko; 22 years-old (kyudo, tea ceremony, and flower arrangement)

uneme; aged 29 and below.

(An uneme has the operation supernatural power which is a woman with wonderful supernatural powers and exceeded the dimension).

The 2 talk   He is invasion and a red flower to a vast mansion.


The yards from which it jumped down were a red rose which is a vast Japanese garden, red Almeria, and the garden where red calceolaria bloomed finely and was truly conscious of red.

The hikarugenji hesitated. It was in which room of a mansion, or there was no self. The moon appears from a daughter's room. There is a beautiful red flower. There is a pond. The place corresponding to the conditions to say was looked for.

When it went to the direction in which the moon appears, a flower like a red round ball was seen. There was a small pond in the bottom of it. The red flower turned out to be a flower of vine Madagascar periwinkle. When it met first, since she had put on a red hat and red shoes, she presumed the room of this neighborhood. In that time, she was seen from the window. He removes what and morning red pajamas and is trying to remove the last red trousers. The hand trembled. don't get impatient -- it hid in the red hut of the yard. The heart which does not again have such a chance was suppressed and the hannyasinnkyo was uttered. But also heartlessly, the instant came. The full particulars were seen and all of her have been seen.

The hikarugenji was impressed on that spot and fainted.

It is [ which  someone approaches by a noise ] a hikarugenji about whether it is caught.

But, six red became hexagon power and appeared.. Sure enough.









29 years old of Hikarugenji  

22 years old of daughter Seiko   

29 years old of. Uneme

The 3 talk   A fortune overlaps that it is accidental and he appreciates red hexagon power.


The cuckoo which has red hair from the red hut side where the hikarugenji fell has flown. And it got down in front of a guard's red helmet.

The red hand was extended at the s spare time the guard was having mind taken. The hand is grasped inevitable and it is to the outside of a wall. It was drawn in the sports car red in an instant. In the car left at high speed, it returned sane.

It was thankful to the uneme for the hikarugenji with the cuckoo. The hikarugenji which got out of difficulty by the fortune of 2 times. He was born and merit of its luck was caught calmly.

It went into the wine & cafe near the harbor, and consulted with the uneme on future action.

I would like to surely meet daughter Seiko. I would like to confirm whether it is and he has good will.

The uneme heard the master's intention, got to know the strength of the decision, and left the spot.

A hikarugenji wants to surely live with her. her who did mind excitement further and looked at all -- an a tiny -- by the heart, it had already become its thing. The wine which will settle down was included in the mouth. One red trousers removed at the end whirled around in the head. Let wine was running about the inside of the head the inside of the mouth, looking at the empty of evening glow. then -- wonderful -- a red hexagon -- the inside of the head -- into flames -- it expanded and became a flame. 











29 years old of hikarugenji     

22 years old of daughter Seiko    

29 years old of Uneme.

The 4 talk    It feels uneasy by wonderful hexagon power.


All obstacles are eliminated and a perfect defense attitude is a principle of a bee (hexagon power). If a circle is infinite and great and gather mutually, it can do spare time. But there is no spare time in a hexagon. Shared elementary space is formed by hexagon relations being made, and it is connected mutually temporarily, and cause a miracle. The hexagon power serves as an elementary particle of a hikarugenji, and began to protect itself. Hexagon power began to move. Notification was then given from the uneme.

The building and roof of a hexagon are red to the foot of a tengu mountain.



Then, the daughter is waiting in the red dress.

The red Alphard vehicle was flown immediately. It took to get to the store of the hexagon 20 minutes. When it went into inside, there was Seiko in a seat which has a flower in a window. It was a quiet expression as if he met those who are wearing a red hat and always suit.


I wished to meet you from before. The talk was begun with smile. " Mr. Hikaru Genji has known – I I have known frowm before.



The hikarugenji passed the card. Is it "the president of a consultant"? What kind of contents are they? "A lecture is given in the whole country and it is dealing with specialty development or sightseeing promotion. When the speciality was guidance of ancient history, it carried out the meeting greeting. A personal computer explains a hikarugenji proudly. The photograph and the map explained the Nara sightseeing. The slide show was devoted to the asuka and the Nara period of realistic ancient times. It was impressed. Since he was poor at the personal computer, it was positive in let me know. The mutual mobile phone was confirmed and the time of about 3 hours passed into high speed. It was frank completely, a message the following was left when leaving, and it returned by welcoming's car.

Although time cannot be easily taken on work, it will certainly connect.

When it came outside, evening glow inside - Ended and the cuckoo with red hair disappeared for [ that ] tengu Yamagata. Wonderful hexagon power was felt, and it looked at the wharf, and left for home today also.  





korekaranotabi .





29 years old of hikarugenji     

22 years old of Seiko  

29 years old of. Uneme. 

The 5 talk   A cellular phone resounds one day when half a year has passed.


The hikarugenji was using wine as the mouth in the wine & cafe one day when it snows lightly.

It looks at a white rose, and even if it can take contact by the magic of the uneme who remembered Seiko, there is no reply. When worrying, the cellular phone resounded.

Please come to a house the right now which is Seiko.

It was nostalgic voice although he was suddenly surprised at the telephone. The hikarugenji flew Alphard immediately.

They were the directions "take the post of Seiko's house and enter from the main gate in 20 minutes." When it went to the main gate, white snow and door were already opened. When it went into inside, it was led to the white snowy road and he walked, it was thought that there was no sign of people. Seiko signed in the white handkerchief from the window then.

Nobody was in the large mansion. It jumped into the room, and two persons were automatically [  simultaneously ] strong and it embraced each other. Time for a while has passed on the white double bed.

It was silently, stroking gently so that the mutual body may be confirmed.

A hand runs to the waist and the back in character with a rich breast, and a brilliant constriction and woman. The time was whirling.

The hand was put in once again from under the white ring in a breast. When it was what such happiness may suit, he was convinced of itself. A pleasant sensation nondescribable by means of language ran to the whole body. I would like to make this joy into the whole life. White wine and a glass were placed by the white table.

Pure white little snow gets down and pours out of a window.

Wine was drunk at a stretch, and a tight hug was again given to the hikarugenji strongly so that Seiko might be confirmed. "It was blurted out married."

When it had held strongly and having been attacked, it was invited to deep sleep by sense of security and satisfaction. It wandered about the world of a pleasant sensation and the time passed for a while as it was swimming in the universe completely.

Having awoke was the early morning silver world.

"family returns from a travel -- in a hurry .. " -- the time of being started in Seiko's voice and jumping out of the room -- " -- please forget me. It left suddenly the language which is not believed and ran to inside in the house.

It is "forgetting me who say once again."

Having cried for something from the window was able to be heard faintly. When it came outside, the family's voice carried out. It did a hairbreadth. The cuckoo with white hair disappeared for tengu Yamagata of the inside of white clouds, and a bed. "Say once again" a hikarugenjisi. [  which wavered ] Why did it cry also twice?

He was not able to understand why I repeated "Please forget."

It was not audible although voice carried out from the window. But the voice seems to be sad, and since it was sad voice, it felt uneasiness.

Why did it repeat? While concentrating on the idea, the car has interrupted. The car of the hikarugenji stopped at the slam on the brake.  An uneme is the following from a car. It is a negative denial which a woman repeats.

He understood the hikarugenji at last. Seiko shouted from the time of leave and a window. It was thought that it was audible with "he certainly telephones."









30 years old of hikarugenji   

23 years old of daughter Seiko   

30 years old of Uneme.

The 6 talk   Take me out. It is Seiko's sad shout in the other side of a telephone.


What attacked her . Having read the uneasy heart enough, the uneme addressed in the car. The talk of the uneme "by whom she is made to carry out an expedient marriage" continues. Seemingly, I was recommended by the chairman of the board of directors of the bank. The eldest son of a customer's major company apparatus construction company succeeded management. Seiko, the secretary, was recommended in response to the intention to be having settled down in. the eldest son -- a bank -- take and say that good will is borne against Seiko in everyday life.

In the back, the chairman of the board of directors pushed intensely also from the management of the bank. Seemingly, it has opted for the date of the formal meeting for engagement.

The shout of "taking out." was able to be heard sad. ... State of emergency.

First, I will observe the appearance of a house. When it came by an uneme's car to Seiko's house, he was surprised at the spectacle. Now, outside, Seiko does not go one step! The main gate, a back gate, and the guard that is going round. It seemed to have confined completely.

The hikarugenji understood all the situations by this situation.

- uneme speaks to a guard as an arrangement. a hikarugenji trespasses upon a mansion and passes a letter at the moment -- things -- it is. When Seiko had already stood by, she had explanation from the uneme.

The contents of the letter are what the uneme planned and it is satisfied with the contents of the hikarugenjisi. About the same horn as a heavy-duty truck was strongly blown at the moment 3 times at the moment of stopping a car. An uneme is a talk or a beam to a guard. At the moment, the hikarugenjisi exceeded the fence skillfully and followed it before the window with a pond. Connection which hands an escape memo from an uneme was made by Seiko. If a window is approached. The red hand was extended. It took quickly whether it was waiting to present a memo, and Seiko bowed her head in assent. Does it go as a memo sure enough? And the horn resounded 3 times. The hikarugenji came outside somehow at the signal, and it has come back alive on the car. Entrust to a memo and make a mansion into behind.













30 years old of hikarugenji   

23 years old of Seiko  

30 years old U of neme.

The 7 talk   A choice makes full use of and rescues all that are not resisted.

The environment of a mansion has been grasped and it talked with the uneme. It concentrated for 3 hours and the execution plan was completed.

To the memo passed to Seiko. Take the organization which will escape from "window at 6:06 in the evening tomorrow. They were contents referred to as take out a hand from a window if a horn can be heard.

It is acquaintance so that I may not be noticed by the guard. At the moment of becoming, - uneme sounded 6 times and roared the dump truck horn. The members of a guard are panicked at the resounding horn. It went into - fence at the moment out of which spare time came, the window was approached, and Seiko was checked. Door-to-door delivery people (an uneme's younger sister) approached with the big carton box then. The permission which sounds an intercom to a guard and goes into inside is got, and an inner door opens.  corrugated carton could open at the moment when people came out from the house, and it detached six baby pigs. It is wild confusion in the baby pig which runs from place to place in a mansion from the inner door of a house.

Outside, six kakkous were detached and pounced on the guard. The dumping horn resounded 6 times again simultaneously, and the guard ran from place to place.

It took advantaging of this confusion, the red hand was held out, and Seiko was taken out outside.

There is rope ladder in a fence and it jumped in into the car at a stretch.

The uneme of the younger sister of door-to-door delivery also rode in the car, and it escaped at high speed. Since six cuckoos were relieved [ in the car ] to four persons including Seiko, it missed outside the car. Outside the mansion, Jizo of the Six States of Existence watched. It was protected by hexagon power today also. A hikarugenji is pursuit of a police car at the moment, although felt by the heart. The big siren was sounded and it has approached at high speed. Desperate. What do do?




















30 years old of hikarugenji   

23 years old of Seiko  

30 years old of. Uneme

The 8 talk   The hexagon power explosion and the

The police car disappeared suddenly.


The police car has pursued at high speed. When it's all over was seemed, the uneme pushed the button of hexagon power.

All are omitted by a rapid neutrino phenomenon and hexagon power is an elementary particle level.

The hikarugenji also came by this power to the world of the 2020 future. It succeeded in last Sedan Bayh, the uneme, and disappeared completely.

All are set to an elementary particle level and exceed space-time.

It is nowhere to be seen, although a police car is credit about a slam on the brake, and the surroundings are seen. Since the car which was being pursued just now disappeared, it is a police car member panic condition.

It moved at the moment in the universe by Seiko, and the hikarugenji and the neutrino phenomenon which got out of the greatest difficulty. All unemes were arranging for the destination of the neutrino ship. It was a time a hikarugenji wants Seiko to understand most.

A tight hug was gently given to the hikarugenji to Seiko, and it addressed.

Although it cannot return behind, two persons are the bodies of freedom which receive no restraint. I will enjoy future life. I would like to live an ancient life at the start with Seiko which lives together. I am not fearful at all. Doesn't her repent?

<< Seiko >>.

Bring near the body and, fortunately smile.

Let's enjoy ourselves.





genji to seiko.


30 years old of hikarugenji   

23 years old of Seiko   

30 years old of Uneme  

18 years old of uneme's younger sister.

The 9 talk   It comes and is a newlywed life with the hometown and Seiko of a hikarugenji


It was the summit of the kaguyama which has been done exceeding space-time.

From here, Unebi-yama and Miminashi-yama could be seen. It is reversion in 1300. It is a landing point as planned [ of a hikarugenji and an uneme ].


Now, I will travel in ancient history from here.

Let's meet, interview the person who became an ancient turning point from today, and enjoy history.

All unemes have constructed the schedule.

It is the trip in 400 until the first hikarugenji is produced from now on.

It is the Emperor Jomei (34 generation and 629-641) era now. The time suited the Soga family family at the hand. The time of Fujiwara clan gold takes 400 year from here. It is the trip till then.

<< uneme >>.

I am an Empress takara princess (next Emperor Kogyoku and Emperor Saimei) and intimate relations. Two persons' home is prepared for one corner in asuka Miya, and it is in it. It seems that it is always in a mountain in the nature into which Asuka-gawa flows. Therefore, was it possibly called "yamatune and Yamato"?

<< Seiko >>.

Can it always pass by one with a mountain in us asuka Miya? It is realizable to call it Yamato.

Does it pass by four persons of Seiko and a hikarugenji with an uneme sister?

<<hikarugenji >>.

I will follow two persons' life from Seiko and today. It decided for this life. The hikarugenji confirmed Seiko.

The happy hikarugenjisi has guided the life rhythm with ancient feeling. An uneme is a member with whom a takaramiko is pleased, and has felt easy. There is also - fun very much but until it holds the rhythm of a life. since Seiko boiled the flower of the four seasons and was well versed, she left management of the garden. The first garden in ancient times spread out in Miya!

The newlywed life with Seiko was started still more from the Asuka period.

The hikarugenji was discussing a plan to return in 2030 at this time with the uneme.

Although the time slip was carried out to ancient times, it told Seiko that 40 years turned into one year of the world here.

The uneme's younger sister was connected in neutrino communication in ancient times and modern times, and the information on the world was always shared.








30 years old of hikarugenjisis

23 years-old of Seiko

30 years-old of uneme .

18 years old of uneme's younger sister.

The 10 talk Heian in an asuka and Nara   Newlywed life of a dream.


The hikarugenji wavered and it explained it to Seiko.


Since we move by time machine, we will travel in about 400 years in ten years.

An uneme sister plans all the schedules and acts along with it in the meantime.

I would like to interview the leading role of the surroundings and its time in the run by three times, and to build pleasant recollections. I will enjoy the newlywed life in the ancient times in Seiko and two persons.

An uneme's younger sister has stood by with the world. The tale referred to as Seiko "wants to return to a home country" is finished, and he returns to a hometown, so please promise what it speaks about obediently.



<< Seiko >>.

I understand. Its head was bowed in assent calmly and it smiled.

Let's enjoy two persons' newlywed life.

And Seiko's proposal was also heard and it was considered as 5 article life indicator.

One articles:

 should go to sleep together at any cost.

Two articles:

 persons two-article must not keep a secret.

 Three article:

 take a walk in nature and pray for the safety on the first in the morning.

 four articles:

 don't miss the hug which feels love.

five article:

good morning, certainly say the language of a rest.


Seiko -- it accepted pleasantly. The hikarugenji was declared in a loud voice.

I will understand the difference between environment and a custom, and will enjoy a comfortable ancient life. From tomorrow, it will travel in ancient history.

three manyousyus 349 and ootomo





tanosiku araba.











30 years old of hikarugenji   

23 years old of Seiko  

30 years old of Uneme  

18 years old of uneme's younger sister . .

The 11 talk   The honeymoon and interview which enjoy ancient times.


Empress Suiko's reign is 592 to 628 years.

The aims of Seiko's ancient exploration were "woman's heart and mental attitude." The jyomei Emperor passed away in 641 and the Empress did year accession to the throne next year. (All future interviews have been the mysteries of ancient history under the matter used as an ancient mystery).

Seiko was surprised and cheered.

Although the Kojiki has finished it as the syoutokutaisi (Empress Suiko), does it travel from the following time? Seiko is pleased with a meeting with the realized takaramiko for which the uneme was asked. Instantly, the asuka okamotomiya was visited and the lunch dish was enjoyed fully in the asuka garden. Especially wild grass and fresh water fish cuisine were exceptional, and smiled with large satisfaction. The bodhisattva hanka image was appreciated for the hikarugenji having become together with Seiko, seeing a smiling face.

The garden was in the outline of Miya and was the first garden in Japan. It looked at the pond and Seiko asked a question immediately.

<< Seiko >>.

 Are any of the Empresses troubles? The takaramiko (Emperor Jomei's Empress, after kougyoku, and Emperor Saimei) Empress was bewildered by the blunt question. The Empress began speaking, looking at the pond of a garden.

<< takaramiko >>.

It was prefaced as use the secret talk.

My heart carried out testimony which will be surprised if full of the former husband's thing.

 The Empress guided Seiko into the garden and crossed the bridge. Woman's heart was thrown out by saying by the azumaya.

I would like to carry out silagi conquest right now. If it does not hurry, a former husband takamukuou will be killed.

The former husband says that he is fighting for relief of homeland Kudara. When I was hearing about the chance, it heralded to Seiko. It has been deified by the Empress and is sad life. It told boldly counting on two children (a tenji and Emperor Temmu).

 << Seiko >>.

Thank you for having the inside of a breast told.  She can meet the former husband. I would like to meet you again.

<< Empress and takaramiko >>.

 I understand. I would also like to meet you.

 <<hikarugenji>>.                                                        Emperor Jomei succeeded Empress Suiko.

 He has declared "Kunimi" by the amanokaguyama with the poetry of the beginning of a manyousyu. It is the beginning of here to an asuka. ( Empress SuikoisIkaruga).MostEmperorJomei's distinguished services do not have a syoutokutaisi at political initiative.

Emperor Jomei has passed away at this time. The influence of the Empress is strong rather.

<< uneme >>.

Therefore, the interview was good from the Empress. << Seiko >>.

Is the ancient woman fatally alive?  The Empress's complicated mental state was transmitted and it was impressed. Does it have a chance in the present Empress? Seiko appreciated that it could be with a hikarugenjisi now. The younger sister uneme came by carriage. Two persons return to Miya, riding on a carriage and looking at the scene of the asuka circumference.

(Decide the Kudara relief in rescue and 661 of the takaramiko former husband).

 Manyouka 1 volume 8 -661-year work.







30 years old of hikarugenji

23 years-old ofSeiko

30 years-old of uneme

18 years old of uneme's younger sister

The 12 talk   Emperor Saimei gives to a hikarugenji with Seiko.


The takaramiko acceded to the throne by force with Emperor Saimei, and passed Seiko one small sparrow. (655 years).

Please think that he is me and love. From now on, it will go to Kyushu, and will appear in silagi conquest. It was declared that the purpose was in the former husband and takamukuou relief. Or [ not returning, no it lives and cannot return to an asuka ].

When takamukuou relief was fortunately completed, it passed in Kudara and it was announced that he would like to live fortunately.

A promise that it met once again before a decision day was made, and it separated.

The small sparrow was named the "tiko." It is born and is 1 years old. Although Seiko was lovely like my child, she raised the tiko in the pocket in and a hand.

Seiko's shoulder was stopped and reminded when a tiko also coaxed food. Food is a hakobe, an insect, etc. and food picking is a morning daily lesson. Much food was in the happy garden. The dog gave also to the hikarugenjisi simultaneously. The name was named the "muku." It is 1 years old of a muku. It became a tiko, a muku, Seiko, and four-person Hitoshi of the hikarugenjisi.

It became four persons' new family structure. Only 1 years old of a tiko and a muku will increase by ancient times in 400. The walk which breaks out in the morning went out with this family. Asuka-dera (Ago-in) and Amakashino-oka are close.

The morning walk course walked so far. A tiko and a muku always lead a walk. Four persons' pleasant walk became a daily lesson.

There is no custom of eating this time lunch, and it provided meals with Seiko's handmade wild grass juice. Based on a field strawberry and a mountain apple, it is the juice of special make containing hakobe mugwort etc. Since Seiko makes, it is nice.




















30 years old of Hikarugenji  

23 years old of Seiko  

30 years old of Uneme  

18 years old of uneme's younger sister    

52 years old. of Takaramiko

The 13 talk   Happiness of the sent large white cloth.


The takaramiko became the saimei Emperor 650 years and seven years have passed. It decided that it became the Emperor and there was only now.

Decision which moves Miya to Kyushu of the front line was made. 3000 persons' soldier was made to take the information on Kudara.

According to the information, Kudara was annihilation mostly.

When he wanted to check by himself, it went even to Cheju Island in 661. The former husband already has no hope. Its last moment has been realized for all. [ guess ]

It entrusted to the son (next Emperor Tenchi), and killed itselves in Miya in Kyushu. Although moved to the asuka, one letter and a large sack the (dead) body It was addressing to Seiko.

To Seiko (letter). It is the greatest joy that a woman lives with those who love.


Fortunately you require a hikarugenjisi. I want you to pass an asuka happily by two persons.


A message that it pierces through the love which was not able to do a saimei was left with Seiko. And the big bag was passed with pass a hikarugenji. Seiko conveyed the words of the saimei to the hikarugenji and handed the package. There was big white cloth of one sheet in inside. Big white cloth sent to the hikarugenji as certainly making Seiko happy.

When he slept night, the intention understood and performed the hikarugenji.

now -- until -- substituting soft cloth -- every [ one person ] -- the body -- he was twisting and sleeping. From today, I will wrap two persons in this white cloth of one sheet.


It was understood that it was a proposal of doing so.

Night came and the extra-large white cloth of one sheet wrapped two persons. Happy time to be hard to believe was waiting at the moment.....

Asuka miya

yoninde sugosu


muku to tiko toga

mimamoru sirotae.













30 years old of hikarugenji   

23 years old of Seiko   

30 years old of Uneme  

18 years old of uneme's younger sister

52 years old of takaramiko.

The 14 talk   Two  persons who love in the world of a neutrino.


Seiko and a hikarugenji were wrapped in the large white cloth of one sheet. The wonderful time of the happy night passes. Involving the hand and the leg, each other was confirmed and two persons confirmed love on the left on the right. It drifts in the world of a neutrino as the spacewalk is carried out completely! he time of long love continues. The highest joy was felt, when love was confirmed and a tight hug was given strongly. The comfortable joy had not been experienced until now. Wonderful time and space pass and go. It was felt strong that the hikarugenji was united with Seiko. The large white cloth of one sheet had made the neutrino world.

This is the truth. This is the present reality. The past reality is only a virtual image. Reality more realistic than the world was felt.

The world of truth and the neutrino world is also true. He has understood that truth had more than one. The hikarugenji obtained the truth of love. It is the victory which a worldly feeling of defeat does not have there and arrived at the winner's maximum peak. The hikarugenji swept away all the worldly feeling of defeat.

It was the moment of having taken in the depth and mercy of the heart of God.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Now, was it united with Seiko?

Thank you for Seiko.

<< Seiko >>.

It is the same.

It felt clearly.

There is no truth like this.

Thank you for you.

The night of long love prayed "Continue forever", and appreciated the saimei.


30 years old of hikarugenji  

Seiko    23 years old  

Uneme    30 years old   

18 years old of uneme's younger sister     

52 years old of takaramiko.

The 15 talk   One day is finished and there is good night.


 A muku flies about a field and shows a tail to hurihuri and a walk course.

(The flower and ancient times of a morning glow and a lilac inhabit an asuka).

A tiko flies the circumference of a ti,ti,ti to the point, and eat food the surroundings.

the sky of mountains moves from white to thin red spring early morning. Signs that the purplish clouds flutter long and slender are needed for Seiko's mind, and it is . Today's morning glow directed joy of love last night. It looked to advantage skillfully just like the message in which God blesses the world of love. A hikarugenji grasps Seiko's hand quietly and is doing "love of it. It whispered.

Seiko also returned by expression of the smile. It "be [ it / a flower of a oh! lilac " Hung, and it came together and gazed in rapture upon the flower of a home country.

Although this might be the fortunate top, it wished empty clouds "Continue forever." (By ancient times, when it passed away, it was thought that it went to the world on clouds). The rough schedule on the first. 1. Morning walk (there being four people in family). .

2. Breakfast is juice of special make, Sousse, and an egg. 2

3. Interview during the morning.   (Unemes are a plan and appointment picking).

4. It does not have a lunch fundamentally.

5. Carry out by the body in Asuka-gawa purifying, and return.

6. It is the luncheon party with the Imperial-Household people of the Imperial Court in the evening.

7. A hit will be a diary (arrangement on the first) in the inside of the light of dead darkness and a lamp at 6:00 p.m.

8. It is a momentary walk at a muku, a tiko, Seiko, and a hikarugenji.

9.Schedule arrangement of uneme and tomorrow   .

10. Seiko and a hikarugenjisi embrace each other in white cloth, and take the post of sleep.

The world of pleasant one-sheet white cloth is waiting night.

A muku and a tiko watch... "Good night."















30 years old of hikarugenji   

23 years old of Seiko  

30 years old of Uneme    

18 years old of uneme's younger sister     

52 years old of takaramikoes.

The 16 talk   Asuka protected in the megalith and the huge slot.


Emperor Saimei passed away in 661 and was buried on the background of the asuka.

Saimei tomb is taken a walk from the asuka from surroundings Asuka-gawa to an okamotomiya.

The stone image with huge having appeared suddenly and the large ditch appeared. A large ditch reaches Yonekawa, Terakawa, and the Shimotsu way.

A stone image is a toilet ape [of a tortoise and a demon ] of a Cutting board (cutting board) and a demon.


It is huge and is looking mysterious.

If a silagi and the tang Allied Forces should attack on the letter which the saimei sent to Seiko.

It is good to hide in a thin ditch by ship from Asuka-gawa, and to escape in the way and the direction of Miwa-yama in Yamanobe.

When going into the mountain, it was written that it was safe. The takaramiko (saimei) which made the barrier moat to the asuka to love was left for the basis of the takamukuou to love. (68 years old of age at death, and 661 years).


It was thankful to Emperor Saimei who already passed away Seiko, and a hikarugenjisi and now. It decided to meet the child and nakanoouenoouji of a saimei in order to respond to this kindness. The uneme was made to take the appointment the beginning.

Since Seiko was thankful to Emperor Saimei, she wanted to convey the heart of a saimei to two persons (Emperor Tenchi and Emperor Temmu) correctly.


<< Seiko >>.

Please make friends with the "younger brother first as a meeting. An enemy can be won by two persons' power. It is also a mother's wish.

<< nakanoouenoouji >>.

<< Seiko >>.

Although the soga Iemoto family was crushed, there is vigor of a bunke.

a younger brother is fearful -- therefore, take a hostage.

<< nakanoouenoouji >>.

Since the status is given to the bunke, it is OK.

<< Seiko >>.

Please make an ally the younger brother (next Emperor Temmu).

We have experienced the history after 1000. Please be sure to trust the younger brother and to establish "the peace and stability" which are also a mother (saimei's) wishes.

<< nakanoouenoouji >>.

Anyone kills what opposes by establishing my Emperor politics first of all.

Seiko told that I wanted Emperor Saimei for brother relations to improve. Can the brother carry out common live-togethe establishment on good terms sure enough? Emperor Tenchi is whether a peaceful state is establishable on good terms with younger brother Emperor Tenmu .

Emperor Tenchi was frightened at him, so that he was unusual to the younger brother ooami kousi (Emperor Temmu).







<< seiko>>

If the slot which understands only a brother lurks.

Isn't a brother opposed to each other some day? Strong uneasiness felt at the interview. .. carries out. Is the uneasiness hit?




 30 years old of hikarugenji 

 23 years old of Seiko   

 30 years old of Uneme   

 18 years old of uneme's younger sister  

35 years old of nakanoouenooujis.

The 17 talk   The decision, Seiko that encourages desperately, nukata princesses.


A large elder brother kousi will transfer the capital to oomio Miya in 667. - younger brother ooami kousi's (next Emperor Temmu) dearest wife (nukata princess) was made into the hostage at that time.

It urged to present his wife. A younger brother ooami kousi is considered to be the greatest enemy.

The nukata princess was shaken. He parts from the husband who loves and it is the command with practice at the wife of Emperor Tenchi who is a husband's elder brother.

It worried about how a feeling should be changed.

Seiko's appointment entered then exactly.

The nukata princess was wishing he would like to arrange his feeling as a meeting instantly.

It was too unreasonable and the nukata princess's heart was sad. It asked the uneme to have met you urgently.

The appointment was able to be taken the beginning.

There is connection from an uneme and it made Miya the hikarugenjisi in a hurry behind.

As soon as he met the nukata princess in asuka Miya, it requested strongly.

<< Seiko >>.

 Please continue living.

The nukata princess's hand was taken and encouraged.We are seen in 1000 years of history. Please trust and wait for an ooami kousi if you please.

<< nukata princess >>.

Love finished. I would like to save a husband. To eye others. The recollections of Miwa-yama were hidden and decided on the breast.

<< Seiko >>.

 It further encouraged in the strong tone. Reality is changed. Please trust and wait for those who rescue you. The hikarugenji also had me rescued. It is believing love.

One manyousyu 18 nukata princess (667-year work)




















30 years old of Hikarugenji  

23 years oldof  Seiko  

30 years old of Uneme     

18 years old of uneme's younger sister 

Nukata princess    ( Unknown.)

The 18 talk  A nukata can be rescued and it is the first rebellion in Emperor successive generation.


The 663-year tenji Emperor succeeds his mother's intention, and holds the Battle of Hakusukinoe as scheduled.


However, it was destroyed completely in front of the large herd of a tang.

Emperor Tenchi was extremely afraid by fear of distrust and an enemy, and it was passing the days frightened of something.

The object was turned to the younger brother ooami kousi at last.

Secret information went into the ooami kousi. Be killed and escape.

The ooami kousi who had the dearest wife taken escaped his elder brother's plan, and has concealed safely at back to Yoshino by continuation of the miracle. (670 years).


Emperor Tenchi passed away on December 3, 671.

now is a chance -- the ooami kousi moved.

It is rescue of a toithi koujyo (child of a nukata and an ooami) and a nukata princess. 

Although a toithi koujyo is the Otomo kousi's (tenji eldest son) princess, a takaitimiko (General Jinshin rebellion) is a childhood friend, and she is a koinaka.

The takaitimiko shared the toithi koujyo, the ooami (Emperor Temmu) shared the nukata princess, and it considered strategy by secret information. It was on October 20, 671. The Big Dipper twinkled at midnight and it took out the command to all the armies. It is an attack. Save two persons! It is the beginning of "Jinshin rebellion."

It almost won a great victory unhurt by a precise plan and secret information.

The eldest son of a tenji kills himself. (He is Emperor Kobun at the additional title of Meiji) As for the toithi koujyo, rescue and two persons embraced each other in the koinaka toithi.

Having become Emperor Kobun's (eldest son of the Otomo kousi and a tenji) Empress did not only act with a husband, but it was waiting for rescue of a takaitimiko. There is no nukata princess. Someone shouted. sure enough -- a nukata princess -- time -- carrying out -- having had -- a thing .



Manyousyu 1 volume 20.












31 years old of Hikarugenji     

24 years oldof Seiko   

31 years old of Uneme     

19 years old of uneme's younger sister

Nukata princess    (Unknown)

The 19 talk   A nukata princess can be looked for, and begin to live, save and come out.


ooami Miya was looked for without dark circles from the morning in July, 672. The Otomo kousi (Emperor Kobun's) suicide becomes clear in the morning.

Miya was burned down and bodies are scattered about.

for a toithi koujyo, a takaitimiko is rescue -- still find out a nukata princess but -- there is nothing.

Impatience ran.

The ooami kousi ordered the unit of the front line.

Live and rescue before being killed by the enemy.

Concentrate all the soldier on a nukata princess.


Also where that is not Impatience induced confusion further and the enemy's a soldier escaped. a soldier was pursued and the criminal-investigation range was expanded.

The search lasted two days and nights.

There is also no corpse. There is also no formation which escaped.

Seiko needs to wait for that strongly -- having advised that it certainly rescued.

What that. One sheet of letter was hanging down from the shade of a tree.

The ootumiko (Crown Prince candidate of a tenmu) discovered. the letter was a thing addressed to Seiko ..., among those contents.

Manyousyu 4 volume 489









31 years old of Hikarugenjii  

24 years old of Seiko  

31 years old of Uneme    

19 years old of uneme's younger sister  

Nukata princess     (Unknown).

The 20 talk   A nukata is a woman those who love are only one persons.








Expect if it is you."

" -- Seiko -- the contents " of the - letter -- I am a woman. He parted from the husband who loves and it was married to Emperor Tenchi for the husband.

There was no day which will not consider the appearance like an ooami for one day. When the husband attacked, the important person confined me.

I want the free brother relations against whom nobody has a grudge to only improve. I am a wind. It becomes a wind and watch a husband (an ooami and tenmu). Mr. Hikaru Genji and I wish you every happiness.

It was describing, "If there will be an uneasy occurrence in the future, wear my clothes." Every uneasy result .. A little Seiko was worried. All the dresses that the nukata had were entrusted to the daughter toithi koujyo. (The daughter of a tenmu and a nukata, Emperor Kobun's Empress).

Seiko went outside by the received dress.

Thank you for Mr. [ Nukada ] in . in which the asuka wind shook Seiko's sleeve suddenly.









31 years old of Hikarugenji  

24 years old of Seiko  

31 years old of Uneme    

19 years old of of uneme's younger sister  

Nukata princess   ( Unknown).

The 21 talk   The root of a hikarugenjisi is here.


The kamatari contributed to assassination (random and 645 years of an issi) of a sogaemisi and an iruka, or the Arima kousi's artifice.

I received the uneme from Emperor Tenchi in things.

It is unprecedented that a commoner marries the Imperial Household's uneme. But there was a problem.

The uneme had become pregnant. The nakatomikamatari was still pleased. Then, the uneme (kagamijyoou) bore Fuhito Fujiwara by the legal wife of the kamatari.

(659 years) Receiving Fujiwara's family name was not given to a kamatari, but it was allowed by Fuhito.

The family name of a "genpeitoukitu" means birth with Fujiwara's noble family name. Fuhito is Emperor Tenchi's child and did not accept to a father (a kamatari and adoptive father).

That Murasakishikibu wrote the Tale of Genji, although at least 300 becomes the year point from here, this is Genji's root.

Although the hikarugenjisi was born to the model in the posterity of the Fujiwara north house, and a fujiwaramitinaga, Fuhito is all the beginnings.

Fuhito will not be a child of a kamatari if it says correctly. He is Emperor Tenchi's child. This thing will move history greatly.


<< hikarugenji>>.

whose child the child of a belly is -- a question was asked that it is boldly.

<< kamatari >>.

If Emperor Tenchi to "uneme's child is a man, at a woman, it is the Emperor's thing " to me.

It admitted having obtained the uneme on this promise frankly.

<< hikarugenji >>.

The treatment of an uneme is difficult.

<<kamatari>>.                                       It is a child's fate sure enough.

it is right -- I have an idea.

A kamatari did not dare to have earned any children other than Fuhito with an uneme. The kamatari married the uneme and jumped up. This may be the starting point of the Fujiwara family.


The work of one manyouka 95 Nakatomi no Kamatari.













31 years old of Hikarugenji  

24 years old of Seiko  

31 years old of Uneme   

19 years old of uneme's younger sister.

The 22 talk   A hikarugenji hears the beginning of the Fujiwara family.


(Nakatomi's parents' home is the outskirts of Fujiwarakyo).

Nakatomi is the birth of 614. The tenji was approached by the football ball game in 643.

Then, the nakanoouenoouji of those days was promised in secret at back in Danzan jinja of a takemine.

The day and Nakatomi of July, 645 and execution play an active part, and is murder of a sogairuka and a sogaemisi. Furthermore, contribute to the Arima kousi also at murder. The uneme was gained by these distinguished services. Fuhito was born in 659 and the uneme turned into a kagamijyoou.

The hikarugenji was keenly asked about this.


<< hikarugenji >>.

between kagamioujyoes, the second person does not have why -- it is .

<< Nakatomi >>.

Since an uneme's child is one person, he is good.

If the Emperor can be approached, the Fujiwara family will reflect Fuhito's child.

For the reason, the poison of mind to a kagamijyoou. If a child with a kagamijyoou is borne, those effects will fade.

All Fuhito's (the Emperor's child) children make the daughter of a soga marry. If it does so, the post of future Emperor and Empress is not a dream, either!

Real intention was described thick and fast.


When this decision produced the hikarugenjisi, it appreciated deeply. Nakatomi used the kagamijyoou to the utmost. The child of a belly is Emperor Tenchi's child. Only Nakatomi and Emperor Tenchi are in knowing this fact.

Although this child's future is pleasure, there is also uneasiness.


It will also become the Emperor if a child's marriage is done well.


a fuhito (child who is in a belly) follows what kind of fate sure enough.

(669-year kagamijyoou work) .















31 years old of Hikarugenji 

24 years old of Seiko  

31 years old of Uneme    

19 years old of uneme's younger sister   

16 years old Of Kagamijyoou

The 23 talk   Emperor Temmu's Yoshino alliance was wrong.


(Cherry tree of the dream of the Yoshino mountain and Emperor Temmu).

in 679 seven years after Jinshin rebellion (672 years), Yoshino Miya was visited (seeing and dying). A participant is eight persons of six kousis, Emperor Temmu, and the Empress (next Emperor Jito). Six kousis connected the oath to Emperor Temmu. The oath of those days was an oath to God, and when breaking, it was recognition that even posterity has punishment and a curse. He is the loyalty to Emperor Temmu who is God, and it is participant persons' promise. According to it, the Kusakabe kousi (17 years old) turns into the Crown Prince, and an ootumiko (16 years old), a takaitimiko (25 years old), and succession continue continuously. No osizaka kousis (18 years old) were said about the right of succession. (Reason object said that there were some which were missing in nature). The Kawashima kousi (22 years old) and the Shiki kousi (11 years old) who remain are excluded from the candidate of the right of succession by the child of the tenji. This was just inconsistency. It is in Emperor Temmu's words. It was the language added at the time of an alliance.

Think that there is no difference in a mother.







See predecessors have called it means well and study the merit of Yoshino.

Then, he will understand each other and argument will be lost.

<<The interview of hikarugenji>>.

Did it say, "It can be thought that a mother is [ why ] the same"?

<< Emperor Temmu >>.

Since he would like to recommend takaitimiko, it is .

The Kusakabe kousi does not continue for a long timeso.                                                                                                                                                                    << hikarugenji >>.

Even if the tenmu stops being, is it succeeded as the Yoshino alliance?

<< Emperor Temmu >>.

It is an alliance for that. Heaven's Vengeance will be received if it breaks.

<< hikarugenji >>.

The Empress's mother's side is a soga system. The Empress is an envious woman. The tenmu loves the nukata woman strongly. We are one women although it is the Empress who is the advice which experiences the previous history of 1000. so, please take care about the Empress -- it advised "be careful also of close attendants."



Hikarugenji      31 years old   

Seiko            24 years old   

Uneme           31 years old     

Uneme imouto    19 years old       

Emperor Temmu  56 years old.

The 24 talk   Seiko's uneasy hit and death of the Emperor Temmu mystery.


Emperor Temmu's charisma is strong for elite breeding.

Edit that of the Kojiki and the Nihon shoki and change teiki and the kyuji.



The child of the Emperor Temmu system becomes four persons (Kusakabe, Otsu, Takaichi, and Osakabe) and a tenji system (the Empress, Shiki, and Kawashima). It was the keppan which checked six kousis' priority. Emperor Temmu declared it as the following. "Peace will continue also 1000 now."


<<The interview of  hikarugenji. >>

The tenmu is the shin without being able to read female psychology, although there is political sensitivity.

The Empress is envious. The Empress has the jealousy which is beyond imagination to a nukata princess, and can have strong hate. It and a mother are soga houses. It is dangerous to trust it.

After especially a meal tastes, please have it.

<< Emperor Temmu >>.

Thank you, take care.

The words of "please mind negative attachment gives the Empress" worried Seiko.

Past events are the form that a husband goes to a female mansion, and it differs from the present marital relationship.

The Empress was jealous of the nukata queen who loves.

Emperor Temmu's love is on the heart and became strong jealousy. The Empress's (next Emperor Jito) mother's side is also a daughter of a soga house. The talks with a soga house had started secretly.

And Seiko's uneasiness guessed right several months afterward.

A stomachache will be suddenly sued for the Imperial Court in 686, and the Emperor will pass away suddenly.

since the years of 56 years old are elderly people as that time, it is a life.

Or poisoning or nobody understands.


19 manyousyus 4260 ootomo traveler work (672-year work)













Hikarugenji      31 years old   

Seiko            24 years old   

Uneme          31 years old     

Uneme imouto    19 years old      

Emperor Temmu  56 years-old.

The 25 talk   It is a direct hit interview to the planned ootumiko.


An ootumiko is Emperor Temmu's The 1 kousi. A mother is Emperor Jito's elder sister.

The ootumiko which large-played an active part in Jinshin rebellion threatens the Kusakabe kousi's existence. The jitou Empress with a sense of crisis took action of the ootumiko in advance, and made for rebellion.

The ootumiko it was thought that it was killed said good-bye of the last to the elder sister who can trust it most, and went to the Ise Shrine (an elder sister is a saimiya). The ringleader who devised the action was just the jitou Empress. The ootumiko which understood all responded to the interview of the hikarugenji.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Was the elder sister loved?

<< ootumiko >>.

They are those who loved and can trust it most. It did not consider doing what and stopping at Ise.

<< ootumiko >>.

 Make and cut trouble to an elder sister and make a friend trouble. I would like to return, to meet a friend and to also carry out the last greeting. Since it cuts in trouble, it cannot stop at Ise.


<< hikarugenji >>. –

 I need to escape with - elder sister most fortunate now that took out Seiko and fled.


<<ootumiko >>.

It is not made. You are enviable. It is ancient fate.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Emperor Jito needs to tell a dangerous takaitimiko.


<< ootumiko >>.

I understand.


Certainly tell. I am clouds. Only by saying that good-bye, it went to Ise in . 686, it was considered as rebellion and executed on the same day.


The shrine which performs a memorial service for an ootumiko is located at the Nara Nijo-san summit of the mountain, and there is a grave in foot still now. The contribution person of Jinshin rebellion which called the takaitimiko the elder brother was killed by the Yoshino alliance offender.


The following manyouka is a song of the day of execution.

Three manyousyus 416 ootumikoes (686-year work).









<< translation >>.

 Is it only today about the duck which has been transmitted from 100 (peach) and which cries to an iware?

The truth is got to know and they are ducks.

From now on, I will hide in that cloud.

(Time when it was believed that after death hid in the soul).













Hikarugenji     31 years old   

Seiko           24 years old   

Uneme          31 years old    

Uneme imouto   19 years old     

Kagamijyoou     16 years old.


The 26 talk   An elder sister ookumiko bears a younger brother.


(The right back seen from Miwa-yama is Nijo-san).

I would like to meet an elder sister (ookumiko). An ootumiko is to the Ise Shrine.

"An elder sister and I will go on clouds tomorrow." Two persons sat up all night and discussed.

The elder sister hoped to remain in Ise strongly.

" when I am, the Kusakabe kousi needs to grow into the Crown Prince -- there is nothing -- " . Since the clandestine meeting with an elder sister is found, it returns to an asuka. Good-bye was said and the horse was run.

"It is the fate killed at any rate." "I wish you every happiness which the elder sister liked."

It was the sad reality of the ancient asuka.



<< Seiko's interview >>>>. Probably, I want to be together with those who love.

<< ookumiko >>.

The elder sister of << ootumiko, the The 1 koujyo >> of a tenmu.


It was said that it stopped at Ise strongly. Because a younger brother is a human being who cherishes a friend.

 << Seiko >>.

The younger brother loved you!

It is pitiable. It is the present condition in which the father is not, either.

Take care about the Empress."

<< ookumiko >>.

I also liked the younger brother.


But it is a transitory position with the body of the saimiya of Ise Miya.







ookumiko work manyousyu 2 volume 165.






<< translation >>.

I who am in the world and who am a person can do.

From tomorrow, I regard Nijo-san as a younger brother (imose). I will pray toward the setting sun of west Nijo-san. (An elder sister is in the Ise Shrine). If Nara Prefecture is seen from there, Nijo-san will be west and the sun will sink in the direction.



Hikarugenji     31 years old   

Seiko           24 years old   

Uneme          31 years old     

Uneme imouto   19 years old     

Ookumiko       26 years-old

ootumiko        24 years old.

The 27 talk   Night with Takaichi which the toithi looked at even in the dream.


Thetakaitimiko and the toithi koujyo were koinakas.


Emperor Tenchi was demanded as an eldest son Otomo kousi's princess, and was parting sadly. However, the takaitimiko rescued the toithi koujyo first of all by Jinshin rebellion (672 years).

The ooami kousi acceded to the throne as Emperor Temmu in 672. It is general Takaichi of Jinshin rebellion openly to Asuka Kiyomigaharamiya. It went considering the toithi koujyo as a princess.


<< Seiko >>.

It went to the interview instantly.

<< toithi >>.

The present mental state is dreamlike. The Otomo kousi's (Emperor Kobun) Empress lives as a wife of a takaitimiko from today. Glitteringly. Eyes were sparkling. (Visiting marriage to which a husband goes to past events).

<< Seiko >>.

The father of a takaitimiko and a toithi koujyo is Emperor Temmu. But doesn't it care?

<< takaitimiko >>.

Because it is a general of Jinshin rebellion who is satisfactory at all. Aim at a top more is expected by the father.

<< Seiko >>.

May the happiness continue! I also continue a hikarugenji and happiness. However, it took care about the Empress and it was added that the meal should confirm and eat.

Two persons' love was just the top.... The toithi koujyo confirmed the night love with the takaitimiko seen even in the dream. The uneme picked up by carriage.

Seiko looked up at the night sky of the asuka in the hikarugenji and the carriage.

The Big Dipper was appreciated for the ability to pass under a hikarugenji and happiness.

How is that those who love, and those who are loved are connected a fortune?

The heart throbbed and it nestled up to the hikarugenji, and when it continued loving you, it smiled.

















Hikarugenji   31 years old   

Seiko         24 years old   

Uneme        31 years old.

The 28 talk   The misfortune came also for takaitimiko remainder suddenly.


A takaitimiko and a toithi koujyo are husband and wife openly.

I was fortunate and the dreamlike life started. When [ the ] .. Suddenly, in the Imperial Court, the first love maiden's toithi koujyo was poisoned by whether you are whom, and passed away. too much -- abrupt -- it is -- sad -- the tear of eyes -- it is not. It is not caught actually. it is a lie -- I want you to be The takaitimiko was frightened to death.


<< hikarugenjisi asks about the truth>>.

Please settle down. Please think calmly.

<< takaitimiko >>.

Do what. Suddenly. Probably, he is Emperor Temmu's beloved daughter.

It is not believed although it was these happy days.

<< hikarugenji >>.

It was killed. You and a toithi shrine maiden are obstructive.

<< takaitimiko >>.

Although felt dimly .

By no means, it does not seem to be sane!

<< hikarugenji >>.

A criminal is the Empress.

An execution offense is a soga house. Please continue to take care also including you and the Emperor.


I and Seiko experience the 1300 future and can judge 40 years in an instant. since the ancient future is known, it is advice -- please look out.

<< takaitimiko >>.

Thank you for the advice, act carefully.

It played an active part in Jinshin rebellion as a general, was desperate, and rescued the toithi koujyo...


The toithi koujyo was a woman like a maiden. He liked the smiling face from young here at the lovely child.

It cannot allow, although it is the Empress.

The Empress considers only the Kusakabe kousi's thing.

An enmity is preparedness to take. Even if it applies to this life they are one-time life and ?  love disappeared in an instant. I am sad to be mortifying.

Now, although it is humble, a promotion is won and regret certainly dispels.


It ran in the direction of the spring where a shout and Yamabuki bloom with shaking.


Below a two manyousyus 158 takaitimiko work (678-year work)

(Play an active part in the general of the tenmu side of Jinshin rebellion).








<< translation >>.






(Translation) It is called the water of revival of mountain spring water and a life in which Yamabuki's sacred flower blooms.

It will revive, if a toithi koujyo is made to drink.

A tear overflows and going to pump does not stop.

For a large tear, a front becomes pure white and none of both eyes can be seen.

The tear did not stop but even the way has disappeared.



Hikarugenji     31 years old   

Seiko          24 years old   

Uneme          31 years old     

Takaitimiko      24 years old   

Emperor Temmu  47 years old.

The 29 talk   a takaitimiko -- it is a wail to eternal separation.


 An Asuka Nara village, a Ruins-of-Asuka-kiyomigahara-Palace place, and the back are Amakashino-oka 678 years.

It was not afraid of the public notice at the toithi koujyo's funeral, and the takaitimiko wailed. It continued crying, without Emperor Temmu's being also afraid. The tenmu loved the toithi koujyo who is a child with the nukata woman who loves.

Emperor Temmu shouted! It is below - "in which a nukata princess becomes a wind at and a daughter also stops being."

"What should be [ how ] just useful after this"


<< hikarugenji is the advice >> .

to Emperor Temmu and a takaitimiko.

I and Seiko have experienced this point 1000. Please take care about the Empress. The Empress thinks only of the Kusakabe kousi. For that purpose, don't choose a means. They are it and an envious woman.

It added.

The Empress's father needs to consider there in which Emperor Tenchi and a mother are the daughters of a soga. Your existence is also in a dangerous state.

But fire blew this Empress's (Emperor Jito) child and Kusakabe kousi in the form where the tenacity of purpose made into the Emperor is surprising.

Is the further misfortune caused sure enough? .














Since it was the true hemp cotton of Miwa-yama, and its short thing, was so short (bedding of the kiasa with a toithi which both went to sleep)?


I wanted to continue to a slight degree -- I wanted to love to a slight degree









Characters                                               Hikarugenji     31 years-old

Seiko           24 years-old

uneme          31 years-old

uneme imouto   19 years-old

kagamijyoou    37 years-old

takaitimiko     24 years-old

Emperor Temmu 47 years old.

The 30 talk   Emperor Jito's real intention appears.


The tenmu Emperor passed away in 686 and the Empress acceded to the throne as Emperor Jito in 690 four years after.

And the capital was transfered to Fujiwarakyo (niasukyou) from Asuka Kiyomigaharamiya in 694.

Immediately after this manyouka transferred to Fujiwarakyo, - Emperor Temmu passed away. And it was the decision which an Emperor absence follows for four years.


It does not suit, although he wanted to make the Kusakabe kousi into the Emperor by death ( death crime) of an ootumiko.


It was desperate in order to make into the Emperor two grandchildren who are Kusakabe's children (next Emperor Monmu and Emperor Gensyo).




<< Seiko's interview >>.

Or [ having loved Emperor Temmu ].

<< Emperor Jito >>.

My love was taken by the nukata princess.

<<Seiko>>.                                                          Relation with Fuhito.

<<Emperor Jito >>.

In order to make a son Kusakabe kousi into the Emperor, anyone uses.

Emperor Temmu was not trusted.

<< Emperor Jito >>.

It has thrown away since Jinshin rebellion.

<< Seiko >>.

Please live like Empress Suiko.

<< Emperor Jito >>.

Becoming like Emperor Saimei is impossible. I would like to aim at Empress Suiko (it lived in politics) living on love.

<< Seiko >>.

<< Emperor Jito >>.


evaluate Fuhito's political power highly -- there is a post mutually. (The jitou Empress knew that Fuhito was Emperor Tenchi's child).



One manyousyu 28 Emperor Jito 694-year work reign 690-697.












Hikarugenji     31 years old   

Seiko      24 years old   

Uneme      31 years old    

Uneme imouto      19 years old       

Emperor Jito    49 years old.

The 31 talk   Emperor Jito's real intention and tenacity of purpose.


Emperor Tenchi murdered the Arima kousi and the ancients large elder brother kousi. Furthermore, solitary death of the koutoku Emperor was carried out.

The daughter grew up catching a sight of her father. A daughter becomes Emperor Jito and murders an ootumiko. It participated in poisoning of the toithi koujyo who is a sweetheart of the Kusakabe kousi's rival's takaitimiko.

Emperor Jito talked secretly with Fuhito in Yoshino Miya, and is over the several 30 times (nihonsyoki).

While deciding the political situation, the Kusakabe kousi's child and karumiko were set for the next Emperor as Emperor Monmu. (697 years) It is the determination under the real power of the jitou Emperor and Fuhito as a matter of fact.


<< hikarugenji is the interview to Emperor Jito.  >>

if a child is not born to Emperor Monmu, it will do what -- it is .

<<EmperorJito>>.                                                    The measure at that time is already struck.

<< hikarugenji >>.

We are coming from the world after 1300 years.

The child of the miyako has been a problem as long as ancient history is seen.

please consider not to leave evil to history .


<< Emperor Jito >>.

Only make Emperor Monmu's child into the Emperor.

However, this point has been the greatest mystery as long as ancient history is seen. That [ the hikarugenji's ] was anxious also about Emperor Jito's interview.

Emperor Monmu is weak and does not get a child easily. Then, a mental state was denoted by the manyouka.

Nine manyousyus 1667 jitoujyoukous (October, 701 work).






He is my child wanted for whom I pray to my child.

Expect a strong child strongly like that rice-flour dumpling produced one after another from the whitecaps in the offing.


As for Emperor Monmu, as for a wedded wife miyako wife, a child does not come out in a manyouka at all, either. Even the capability to build a child is doubtful... Can the child do it sure enough?




Hikarugenji     31 years old     

Seiko           24 years old     

Uneme          31 years old       

Uneme imouto   19 years old         

Emperor Jito     49 years old.

The 32 talk   Fuhito and Michiyo Tachibana were forcibly made into husband and wife.


Emperor Jito used Fuhito. Fuhito also entered into exchange at political power.

Fuhito is Emperor Tenj's child. Therefore, I would like to make Chiyo Tachibana into husband and wife (701 years). Husband and wife suitable for the Imperial Household were born now. Doing so was Emperor Jito's target.

<< Seiko's interview >>.

Why were Michiyo Tachibana and Fuhito connected?

<< Emperor Jito >>.

It is because not only the Emperor of weak . next term but the Empress wants to make Emperor Monmu into Fuhito's daughter. It is wise to marry the mitiyo which has a status in it. Fuhito is his father's blood.

<< Seiko >>.

Did the miyako bear the child as Emperor Monmu's wife?

In the history after 1300 years, this is the greatest mystery. Please do not make wrong selection.

<< Emperor Jito >>.

It will be revealed in 1000 years and t will not be blown, either. Also in form, Emperor Monmu's child becomes the Emperor, makes Fuhito's daughter marry, and only set on the Empress. although it is the best if Emperor Monmu gets a child -- it -- oh, ball expectation may not be able to be carried out.

<< Seiko >>.

The measure at that time has struck. What kind of technique is it?


<< Emperor Jito >>.

Fuhito's daughter and the son of a karumiko (next Emperor Monmu) should just only be in the Imperial Court. Is it the adopted measure.

He had a premonition that something surprising happened. It left by the smile which can be regarded also as eerie... The mitiyo which takes action of a mystery was playing the important role which changes ancient history.


















Hikarugenji    31 years old   

Seiko          24 years old  

 Uneme        31 years old     

Uneme imouto  19 years old       

Emperor Jito    49 years old.

The 33 talk   Fuhito and Michiyo Tachibana were moving by shade.


Kusakabe died, without becoming the Emperor 689 years (May, 689). The Empress was panicked although anticipation was carried out.

A karumiko (next Emperor Monmu) is still 6 years old.

The Empress's mysterious action began to move from here.

Emperor Tenmu passed away first and it scrap immediately the Yoshino alliance sealed with blood and promised. It was the oath to God.

A one (Empress) seized real power until it became the Emperor about the karumiko (next Emperor Monmu). wife [ of Kusakabe ] (next Emperor Gemmei) - it succeeded with the daughter (Emperor Gensyo) of the genmei further. It waited for forefather (Emperor Monmu) to have the ceremony of assuming manhood.

And the karumiko (next Emperor Monmu) of 6 years old was made into the Crown Prince. It is expected to make it the Emperor simultaneously with a coming-of-age ceremony for a boy. And the route until the child of a karumiko (next Emperor Monmu) becomes the Emperor was considered. The blood of the child of the Kusakabe kousi who is his child should continue to where. It was unusual tenacity of purpose.

<<Hikarugenji interview>>.

 If a child is not made to a karumiko (next Emperor Monmu). (Also include the capability to build a child).

<<Emperor Jito>>.

Details cannot be said although the woman who calls it a miyako is used. When one person is not born between miyakoes, either, use a hin (under hin and an uneme). It cannot say in detail.



please tell Fuhito from you that forcing action is not carried out .                                                                         Since it is a person who leaves both of names to history.

Then, the mystery of the ancient history maximum started and Fuhito and Michiyo Tachibana were moving by shade.














Hikarugenji     31 years old   

Seiko           24 years old   

Uneme          31 years old     

Uneme imouto   19 years old       

Emperor Jito    44 years old    

Karumiko        6 years old.

The 34 talk   Fearful confidential talk of Fuhito and Emperor Jito.

(Yoshino Miya is in the inner part of [ east ] this asuka Miya).


The secret promise under Yoshino Miya stay stayed for about one week each time.

Asuka Kiyomigaharamiya to Yoshino Miya is on the south [ of the Yoshino mountain ].

The koukou of winter continued also in violent snow.

A clandestine meeting amounts to 30 times from August 2, 689 to April 7, 697. (Nihonsyoki).

The next successor was decided by this clandestine meeting.

At this time, the strange rumor came out in public.

It explored by the manyousyu.

<Author unknown 701-year work>.







<<The interview of a hikarugenji.>

Fuhito's father is whom -- it is .


probably, it was decided -- he is Emperor Tenchi.


You are a person who becomes my Ancestor. Please do politics earnestly.


I am good at politics -- please leave.


Is a miyako wife (Emperor Monmu's empress) your daughter?


It is different adopted [a foster] daughter.


About what is it speaking in Yoshino Miya?

<< Fuhito >>>>.

it is a political situation -- in a woman, it is useless.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Although the miyako has become pregnant, is he Emperor Monmu's child?

<< Fuhito >>. An exact thing cannot be said.

<< hikarugenji >>.

 the rumor has come out in public -- please take care.

<<Fuhito >>.

 I understand -- but -- one great victory of the Fujiwara family -- negative time -- it is -- since .










haracters                             Hikarugenji     31 years-

old Seiko       24 years-old

uneme         31 years old   

Uneme imouto  19 years old     

Emperor Jito    44 years old   

Karumiko       14 years old.

The 35 talk   A miyako (Monbufujin and Emperor Shomu's mother ) is dangerous.


<One manyousyu 74 Emperor Monmu (701-year work).

It is cold the night which a storm blows in sacred Yoshino Miya.

I would like to sleep alone sure enough this evening also, or to do so.

(Don't be interested in a woman at all from this poetry).

It is made to lead by koukou, it is hoped that it may be production of a child, and it must be.

At this time, they are Emperor Monmu and 19 years old. It is mysterious that Mrs. Miya is not accompanying (Fuhito's daughter).

Is a miyako in a house arrest state?

It seems to be in the state which does not come one step outside.

At this time, abnormal circumstances had occurred in Miya.

The miyako has entered the court as a wife, when Emperor Monmu accedes to the throne in 697.

It is amusing not to accompany a koukou of a manyouka.

From the first, by the woman diver of Wakayama, it became Fuhito's an adopted [a foster] daughter.and is married. Although the truth is not known, it is clear that a miyako's he is not a child of Nakatomi and Michiyo Tachibana. Is action under pretense of [ in it or the miyako itself ] a mental disease for whether a miyako is in a house arrest state carried out?

The uneme took the appointment by contact with a miyako secretly.

<< Seiko is the interview to a miyako>>.

Does the miyako really have a mental disease?

<< miyako >>.

It was likely to be killed and it is dressed with the mental disease.

<< Seiko >>.

Why is it killed?

<< miyako >>.

I am not meeting Emperor Monmu once.


The Imperial Court enters and it is in a house arrest state immediately.

Since father Fuhito comes night, I am fearful.

<< Seiko >>.

please bear stoically -- help certainly comes.

there are those who try to save you -- please believe.

<< miyako >>.

A father fuhito is dreadful although I understand.

<< Seiko >>.

 It certainly comes to help.

 << Seiko >>.

 Being frightened of a father is. Once he is not meeting his husband and Emperor Monmu. Does Emperor Monmu have an intention with a child completely? Isn't capability more than it? This is not the trap which Emperor Jito and Fuhito plotted. Seiko was very much worried and talked to the hikarugenjisi.

<< hikarugenji>>.

 Information dissemination is carried out to Seiko and an ancients thing, and even if advice is possible, it cannot add a hand directly. The rest only has leaving it to the person's herself action.















Hikarugenji     31 years old   

Seiko           24 years old   

Uneme         31 years old     

Uneme imouto  18 years old   

Emperor Jito    44 years old    

Karumiko      14 years old.

The 36 talk   What happened in the inside of darkness, and Fujiwarakyo?


The long-awaited child was born to Fuhito. It is a koumyouko (next koumyou Empress).

(701 years) Fuhito made the miyako Emperor Monmu's wife. And marry the born daughter to an obitomiko (Emperor Shomu).

The daughter has finished the wonderful feat referred to as becoming the Empress.

However, a question remains. It is without [ after describing on December 27, 701 ] days and months in a zokunihon as it is the following.

It is expression of why "this year" "in which this year miyako induced the obitomiko." This solution of a riddle became a big key of ancient history. Is here the mystery which the nihonsyoki has finished as Emperor Jito?

That is, the obitomiko (Emperor Shomu) is simultaneously born to this year with the koumyou Empress.

With same year and no days and months. And the boy and the girl were born in the same Fujiwarakyo.

The mitiyo brought up two persons.

If made even to how according to a mitiyo.

Such a wonderful feat occurred in Fujiwarakyo. Is it a secret promise of Fuhito and a jitou?.

 << hikarugenji >>.

Did the miyako bear the girl?

<< Fuhito >>.

No, she is a man.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Why do confine a miyako?

<< Fuhito >>.

Ask a mitiyo.

<< hikarugenji >>.

it is preparedness that an imperial family's history may be changed -- it is .

<< Fuhito >>.

Truth may be revealed in 1000 years.

It cannot talk now any more which has required the fate of the Fujiwara family.

What kind of thing happened in Fujiwarakyo of a moonless night?

It can perform exchanging a child etc. simply.

But the truth understands nobody. What kind of thing happened in Fujiwarakyo of a moonless night?

The truth which exchanged the child understands nobody.

This question will appear in next Emperor Shomu's dramatic action.










Hikarugenji     31 years old   

Seiko         24 years old   

Uneme        31 years old     

Uneme imouto   19 years old      

Emperor Jito    44 years old  

Karumiko      14 years old.

The 37 talk   Fujiwarakyo and a heijyoukyou, and the transfer of the capital and Fuhito moved.


In 697, Emperor Jito passed away.

Fuhito thought of the successor. Emperor Monmu's child is taken as a boy. It was going to solve the child and Fuhito's woman by making it husband and wife. It talked with Fuhito and taught rely on cunning plans.A confidential talk and a secret plan develop into the mystery of the ancient history maximum, and go. Emperor Jito's ideal inheritor completed. Emperor Jito ascertained Kusakabe kousi's grandchild's secret plan, and passed away in 702. Fuhito who should fulfill a secret promise began to move. Emperor Monmu has passed away in the youth of 25 years old in 707. Organization of Fuhito's ideal was made. He is worried what has happened to the miyako.

In 710, Emperor Monmu's inheritor was as the secret promise with a jitou. First, Princess Ahei was enthroned as Emperor Gemmei. Fuhito aimed at the politics of the ideal in this organization. The Fujiwara family established organization hardening which continues a stable administration eternally.

It was allowed to declare oneself the Fujiwara family from Fuhito. Marital relation with the Soga family's daughter was expanded positively. In this way, the foundation of the lot-of-money age of the Fujiwara family will be established. Emperor Gemmei composes a manyouka. The asuka passed with grown-up husband and Kusakabe was left, and also the capital was transfered to the heijyoukyou from Fujiwarakyo (701 years). A genmei sings a manyouka at this time. Understand Emperor Gemmei that the transfer of the capital is not interested.

Assigning you in the village in Asuka and going to it is the thought by which the thought with you is erased. It does not come out so much, and the recollections passed with the husband (Kusakabe), your scent, and recollections will also be placed, and will go by an asuka, and it is sad.


















Hikarugenji     31 years old   

Seiko           24 years old   

Uneme          31 years old     

Uneme imouto   19 years old       

Emperor Jito    44 years old   

Karumiko        9 years old.

The 38 talk   The world of the large white cloth of one sheet where a hikarugenji and Seiko talk together.


Tell a mental state of a hikarugenji. In 629, it came down by neutrino ship to the amanokaguyama. Although it entered at ancient times and passed through 80 years, two years have passed in our world. Although I had traveled with Seiko, and an asuka and Nara, I increased in number only by the 2 same years old as the world here.

Probably, as for marriage, it will be common to take the action judged from reason and common sense based on law.

But we ventured the escape journey of love. I gave priority to and chose love with Seiko. Which is true and which is right? Possibly it was decision-making, although the life which remained in the world was also true and right. My now is the most fortunate. Therefore, believe that this decision-making is not wrong and be satisfactory.


Seiko tells the present mental state.

me -- agreement . Regret is not carried out. Every day is pleasant and substantial. There is no happiness beyond this. I would like to love the hikarugenji forever.


<< hikarugenjisi >>.

Life is expressed by continuation of a decision-making process. Therefore, instantaneous decision-making is important. Don't make a mistake in judgment to instantaneous decision-making. Value communication with Seiko every day.

And I would like to live in the feeling of gratitude every day.


A trip continues to the fujiwaramitinaga in the middle of a heian. After [ the ] a trip finishes, let's discuss by two persons and decide the future.

Let's travel in the heian in Nara happily from now on. Love Seiko forever and it is together.




 Although it returned to . wildness, only a face is shown every day. Good night.


It flew away on the hill at the back in which a friend is present. It is not forgotten to consider it as a family's member, and is flying about.

<<muku>> .

watch two persons for charming eyes.


tomorrow is also busy -- good night.

Two persons confirmed love in the large white cloth of one sheet, telling the time of the heian in Nara, were set to one, and drifted to the world of white cloth. It loves, Seiko.

It clings and is devoted to the world of white cloth.


Hikarugenji    31 years old   

Seiko          24 years old   

Uneme         31 years old   

Uneme imouto  19 years old.


The 39 talk   Talk the trip of a heian together from Nara.


<< The Nara period outline of hikarugenji>>.

Ancient history is also the Emperor's history. This trip was started from the asuka. You may interpret it as having started the Asuka period from Emperor Jomei, when saying strictly.

Even Empress Suiko was divided one, it acted as her, and the Kojiki has spelled. A new time can be observed from the manyousyu which sang "Kunimi" by Emperor Jomei's amanokaguyama. A Chinese character came to express the ancient Japanese language from the time of the yamato.  (yamatune- mind of Yamato).


A jyomei - a tenji - a tenmu - a jitou - a monmu - a genmei and the Asuka period were decorated. Momentary cost carried out the end of the asuka in the holy place of the soga.



From the gensyou, it moved to the heijyoukyou and separated the area of the asuka.

From ancient times, it was written as the heijyou and below Nara read.

(For - heijyoukyou erection which sounds the ground)


It follows and a gensyou - a syoumu - a kouken - a jyunnin - a syoutoku - a kouninn are the Emperors of the Nara period. Furthermore, since this point becomes a heian, it outlines the Nara period and travels even in the middle of a heian.

Under the system of the Emperor, the Crown Prince is the next Emperor. this Crown Prince -- Asuka -- still -- coming out -- it pulled and attached by Emperor parent and child. However, when it entered at the Asuka period, the Empress's power was expanded, and oneself became the Emperor. And in order to make the Empress's child into the Emperor, it is a focus who becomes the Empress. the sake -- the Empress -- my daughter -- powerful clan began to move. The central figure is Fuhito Fujiwara. Fuhito makes his daughter the Empress. When the born child (grandchild) was a man, when it was a woman, it attached to the Emperor at the Empress.

The technique in which the execution is also complicated was developed.

For this reason, Fuhito made the first priority the stable reservation with the eternal Fujiwara family. Here is the spark of dispute of the Nara period. Let's travel in the history and live.


<< Seiko's expectation >>.

A woman protects those who love, receives, she gives priority to my child as eternal continuation, judges him, and moves. I would like to interview the way of life of the woman of this time, and to study female mental attitude from there. Moreover, he is interested only in the time which husband and wife's form does not form. I would like to study a woman's love especially the Empress's love, and a way of life.

I would like to return and bear to the world, in order to bear a child with a hikarugenji. Since our lives are succeeded eternally, I would like to build many children. Therefore, I would like to study the love to an ancient child, and how to raise. I am looking forward to those who will meet you from now on. I would like to return to the world and to bear many children of a hikarugenji.














hikarugenji   31 years old of 

Seiko         24 years old.

The 40 talk   An obitomiko (Emperor Shomu) and Emperor Monmu's child.


An eight manyousyus 1601 isikawa hironari(Emperor Monmu's kousi).







Translation; he was walking along your house front after a long time.

The flower with it was attached. [ a good hanasyoubu and ] [ exactly beautiful to an ear ]

If I do not go away and go from here, either, is it bad one similarly to depth autumn passing by?

(For the father of an isikawahironari, Emperor Monmu and a mother are Ishikawa tosunoirazume of a hin.)

The highest authority person of this time is Fuhito Fujiwara.

That of the isikawhironari of this manyouka is Emperor Monmu's child.

Or [ that the reason of only banishing the Emperor's child from the Imperial Household is where ].

If it possibly is not Emperor Monmu's child.

Its doubt and child (Emperor Monmu's Empress) were turned to the doubt referred to as whether to really have induced the obitomiko. It is doubt said if it is a camouflage.

If it suspects to a slight degree, Emperor Monmu will develop till it being called whether it had the physical ability to bear a child.

* There is no joy poetry by which the child wasborn to the manyouka.

* There is no record of conversation with a miyako.

* The language of joy by means of which the child was born is not left behind.

I can hear also from this fact about a doubt.

As for whom, at this time, five candidates should require whether there is any right of Emperor succession.

- Emperor Monmu's child, 6 years old of obitomikoes (next Emperor Shomu).

- Hironarimiko (a mother will be a hin of a monmu 697 years and they are estimated 10 years old).

- hirose kousi (the younger brother of a hironari, estimated 9 years old).

 -Shiki kousi (668-729.39 years old) father Emperor Tenchi mother; uneme.

- A nagayaou (684 to 729-year, 23 years old) father, a takaitimiko, and the Imperial prince in princess Kibi (child of Kusakabe and a genmei). Who [ these / five ] become the Emperor.


It is a hironarimiko when it thinks ordinarily.

However, it was ignored completely and Princess Ahei (next Emperor Gemmei and husband are the Kusakabe kousis) acceded to the throne.

Is the reason for banishment of a hironarimiko that it is not Emperor Emperor Monmu's child? Isn't Emperor Monmu the camouflage which can bear a child and to say?

If there was substitution with the koumyouko of birth and Emperor Shomu in the - same month in the same year when it became so.

The secret promise which Emperor Jito entrusted to the mitiyo is at this? When a child does not get Seiko at an interview. Emperor Jito answered the following to the question.

"It is ready at that time."


Probably, the relation with as close it as this portion is hidden.

Although the fact disappeared in darkness, the hikarugenji had explored the truth.


<< hikarugenji>>.

Let the child who is present in his own mansion be your child in ancient times. That is, whose child's recognition is thin. The produced date also completely has shallow consciousness.

That is, the child can process anyhow.

<< Seiko >>.

Is it unnecessary to prove husband and wife, a family, and one's child in the ancient Imperial Household? It is difficult whom to love by trusting whom.

Since Seiko believes and loves the hikarugenjisi, she is fortunate.


















hikarugenji   31 years old 

Seiko         24 years old.

The 41 talk   Seiko interviews a mitiyo clearly.


In the mystery of the ancient history maximum, Seiko interviews Michiyo Tachibana. (Michiyo Tachibana is this wife of Fuhito).

<< Seiko >>.

Although two persons were born simultaneously in Fujiwarakyo, aren't the obitomiko and the koumyouko substituted secretly?

<< mitiyo >>.

Two persons were only looked after and brought up from a husband and Fuhito.

<< Seiko >>.

Is the child whom you bore a woman?

<< mitiyo >>.

The woman or the man did not see, when it bore, but he is hearing the girl after that. She is a koumyouko koujyo.

Only it can be said.

<< Seiko >>.

Has Emperor Monmu borne the child?

<< mitiyo >>.

He has only heard that there is two children's boy among the women of a hin.

<< Seiko >>.

Has Emperor Monmu called at the room of a miyako?

<< mitiyo >>.

It seems that it is not so interested in a woman although it does not understand correctly.

<< Seiko >>.

Whose child is an obitomiko (Emperor Shomu)? Why do confine a miyako again?

<< mitiyo >>.

It cannot say from my mouth.

<< Seiko >>.

Has not it carried out that it was different as not a woman but a human being?

<< mitiyo >>.

I am only moving as Fuhito directed. I do not think that it is wrong. In ancient times, a woman only follows.

<< Seiko >>.   

The interview was finished and felt. It is not a woman's happiness and move to a husband in loyalty.

It seems that that considers it the first happiness and is.

Although something seemed to be sad, in ancient times, it was felt as the woman's fate. It advised the action which is not that he will repent in the future, and separated.


but a mitiyo --Its later years -- it will worry about this affair and will confess to Horyuji Temple.









hikarugenji   32 years old   

Seiko         25 years old   

Mitiyo        45 years old.

The 42 talk   Transfer the capital to Emperor Gemmei and a heijyoukyou.


The capital was transfered to the heijyoukyou in 710.

Understand Emperor Gemmei that the transfer of the capital is not interested by a manyouka. A heijyoukyou is the full-scale kyoumiya combined use type whose example was followed to the tang as a ground suitable for four God.

And Fuhito's cottage nestles up to an obitomiko immediately near the present touinteien, and is in the position to watch.


Fuhito who seized real power tends to do. Like a genmei and a gensyou, the woman was attached to the Emperor, he operated it, and it has monopolized politics. It pointed to the hikarugenji to the uneme and it took the appointment with a genmei.

<<Seiko's interview>>.

It is hard to leave the ground of Kusakabe's recollections.

<< Emperor Gemmei >>.

Although he does not want to separate, Fuhito seizes all the real power and cannot but follow.

<< Seiko >>.

Your father is Emperor Tenchi and husband's Kusakabe kousi's father is Emperor Temmu. It is complicated life.

<< Emperor Gemmei >>.

Emperor Jito, an elder sister, is more complicated than I. If it sees from an elder sister's position, it is still blessed.

<< Seiko >>.

What is a woman's happiness?

<< Emperor Gemmei >>.

It is living with those who love, understanding, supporting and suiting.

Since the husband was delicate, he often talked together in Miwa-yama.

It is that Seiko of the conversation with a husband is also pleasant, he does not repent, and talks.

<< Seiko >>.

I understand. Conversation is pleasant and is not repenting unenthusiastically.

What is the target in genmeii's life?

<< Emperor Gemmei >>.

It is the conclusion of the kiki compilation which the elder sister's husband and Emperor Temmu were doing.


<< Seiko >>.

Please take care about the body and do your best in it.

Emperor Gemmei made the Ono yasumao point to it and complete the Kojiki compilation splendidly during tenure of office. (710 years).







hikarugenj       31 years old 

Seiko            24 years old    

Emperor Gemmei 49 years old.

The 43 talk   Emperor Gensyo who deserted the woman and enjoyed life.


The Emperor Temmu back was discussed under the secret promise of Emperor Jito and a fuhito. The candidate is as follows.

Emperor Jito (legal wife of a tenmu).

Emperor Monmu, the Kusakabe kousi's child.

Emperor Gemmei (the Kusakabe kousi's wife).

Emperor Gensyo (Emperor Gemmei's child).


Emperor Gensyo solved the present condition that Taiho Codes did not permeate, by establishment of Yoro Codes. It was simple, the contents were made plainer and osmosis was aimed at. Of course, it is Fuhito's wisdom.

Fuhito is a person in paramount authority in it.

<< Seiko's interview >>.

It is not carrying out marriage, although the gensyou's is single.

<< Emperor Gensyo >>.

It is not expectable in marriage disillusioned with the marital relationship of the present condition which disregarded the woman's feeling

. << Seiko >>.

Isn't there any favorite man?

<< Emperor Gensyo >>.

He likes a younger brother (Emperor Monmu). The love not suiting.

<< Seiko >>.

Was the life as a woman given up?

<< Emperor Gensyo >>.

Yes, it gave up. It is preparedness to stay as whole life single.

<< Seiko >>.

The target as man.

<< Emperor Gensyo >>.

I whom the mother (Emperor Gemmei) made complete the Kojiki aim at completion of the Nihon shoki.

<< Seiko >>.

Please pass an obitomiko (Emperor Shomu) and enjoy life.

<< Emperor Gensyo >>.

Yes, I would like to do so.

It pointed to the genmei to the tonerisinnou and it completed the Nihon shoki wonderfully. The throne was abdicated for the obitomiko and life was enjoyed for a long life as old days of 68 years old.















Hikarugenji     31 years old  

Seiko           24 years old,

Emperor Gensyo 40 years old.

The 44 talk    Accede to the throne as an obitomiko and Emperor Shomu at the age of 24.


Emperor Shomu was born in December, 701. The koumyouko was also born to the same day.

If it is called October 10 before (totukitouka), a jitoujyoukou and Emperor Monmu will be the time which was visiting Wakayama.

The jitoujyoukou checked the birth of the great-grandchild and the obitomiko (Emperor Shomu), entrusted all to the mitiyo, and attached them to peacefully eternal sleep (702).

By the Kusakabe kousi's wife (genmei) and child, the connector was carried out with the younger sister's Emperor Gensyo and younger brother Emperor Monmu. In 724, Emperor Shomu acceded to the throne a little at the age of 24.

The authority of substance was moved by Fujiwara 4 brother who is Fuhito's child. 

<< The interview of hikarugenji >>.

Since the fuhito passed away, it is uneasy.  

It is whether you believed the fuhito.   ] .    << Emperor Shomu >>.

I have been indebted and cannot but trust it.

Although it is uneasy, since a tatibanamoroe is and Maki Kibino is also, it is OK.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Fujiwara 4 brother is trusted -- it is .


They make the you back whom or are discussing by four persons. An intruder erases.

 << Emperor Shomu >>.


If it must be trusted.

<< hikarugenji >>.

please do not believe -- me -- 1300 -- future generations -- the boundary is known. Please take care about Fujiwara 4 brother.

The child needs to protect at any cost.

<< Emperor Shomu >>.

Understand and take care.

<< hikarugenji >>.

please rescue a mother and the miyako .

<< Emperor Shomu >>.

Although it understands, it is under Mr. Fujiwara's management. Preparations Maki Kibino is asked somehow.

<< hikarugenji >>.

I need your help as soon as possible.

Mother knows truth and is.

Please rescue early and listen to truth.

<< Emperor Shomu >>.

Because miyako rescue requires Fujiwara 4 brother, it is difficult.

Consider rescue somehow.


The 728-year syoumu Emperor's The 1 child and motoikousi were killed by whether you are whom. Fujiwara 4 brother is doubtful.

Can rescue of the miyako which Seiko promised be performed? However, the surprising chance came suddenly.


hikarugenji     41 years-old

Seiko        24 years-old

Emperor Shomu 24 years old.

The 45 talk   A hikarugenji hears the real intention of a fuhito.


The fuhito settled in the daikokuden side of a heijyoukyou (impossible except the Imperial Household). It was nestling up by the daikokuden side so that my child might be watched.

But there is a big doubt. The daughter of the fuhito became the Empress (miyako) and made the child of the miyako the Emperor. Although it is good so far, there is a problem.

Who is the father of the child of a miyako and an obitomiko?

There is description that the miyako disliked unusually the fuhito which is a father (nihonsyoki).

The miyako bore the child and was put under house arrest immediately.

Mind became out of order and it was isolated in the state of depression.

There must be something that drove in the miyako.

If possibly raped by the father. It is because Fuhito itself has held the inferiority complex in his birth.

There is data interesting here to support.

27 years old of Kusakabe kousis, 24 years old of monmus, Emperor Shomu 55 years old. If it judges by a life expectancy, unnaturalness will remain from a life.


On the other hand, if it becomes 45 years old (there is a 55 years-old theory) of tenjis, 61 years old of fuhitoes, and Emperor Shomu 55 years old, it can be judged that it is appropriate.

Does a child live from the blood of an uncle (24 years old and 27 year-old) and a father to 55 years-old generation suddenly? And Emperor Shomu lives long although Kusakabe (uncle) and a monmu (father) were weak short life (old days).

It survived, also when Fujiwara 4 brother passed away at a stretch in that smallpox great fashion.

It is the stout body.

Furthermore, distrust spreads. Emperor Monmu passes away and it is the 7th year of 713 years.

The hironarimiko and the Hirose kousi born between hins with Emperor Monmu.

a suddenly and mother hin -- the banishment from the Imperial Household -- with, it can be going down. It is supposed that there was a trap.

<<It is the urgent interview to hikarugenji and a fuhito>>.

Whose child is an obitomiko (Emperor Shomu)?

<< Fuhito >>.

Of course, he is Emperor Monmu's child.

<< hikarugenji >>.

We know the history of the future. A miyako tells real intention.

<< Fuhito >>.

It is the result of doing one's best as a Fujiwara family. If there is a Fujiwara family and a hikarugenjisi is also. Don't poke that too much.

<< hikarugenji >>.

In the history of ancient history, you are a thing seven years after after death. Is it calculation of the Imperial Household to banishment also with a hironarimiko and the Hirose kousi, and the mother of a hin?

<< Fuhito >>.

It is right. Fujiwara is eternal if Emperor Shomu is materialized -- he can feel easy. It is irresponsible after dying.

An intruder is not needed for an inheritor.

It is a survival strategy of an ideal.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Please refrain from the unreasonable thing been a person who leaves a name to history.

<< Fuhito >>.

Thank you for the advice which goes in the style of me while I am alive although I understand.

The hikarugenjisi parted from Fuhito with a complicated mental state.

Seiko, and the way back and a human being should consider a lifetime as history, and should live. That is, no matter what number of time may pass, the fact remains. Therefore, we will also live true. It was examined deeply and it went home.


hikarugenji     41 years-old

Seiko        24 years-old

Emperor Shomu    24 years old.

The 46 talk   It is miyako rescue and is surprising truth.  


The fuhito passed away in 720.

I thought that the miyako of the mental disease of a fuhito itself was not cured forever. Therefore, it was dared to judge that it is not necessary to kill. Fujiwara 4 brother passed away in smallpox (it is much in fashion old days). All the intruders disappeared, the miyako judged it as time arrival, and it told it to the tatibanamoroe (child with the former husband of a mitiyo).

The miyako achieved meeting dramatic to Emperor Shomu, a son, for the first time in 38 years.

What kind of contents did the miyako tell Emperor Shomu?

Did the true father announce that he was Fuhito? Here is the greatest solution of a riddle.

<< Seiko's interview >>.

It bore with the sufficient miyako.

<< miyako >>.

 she thought that it was killed as long as there is Fuhito who is whose father, and it had pretended the mental disease.

<< Seiko >>.

Does he plan to tell Emperor Shomu the fact?

<< miyako >>.

he plans to speak about truth -- talk and apologize.

<< Seiko >>.

Then, please give. He surely understands.

Since a tatibanamoroe and Maki Kibi are also, it is OK.

<< miyako >>.

Since all four persons passed away in smallpox although possibly it was difficult in Fujiwara 4 brother being, now decided as the chance.


TThe father of a miyako of yours is a fuhito and the mother said that it was a miyako. Emperor Shomu whom it let hear about all kept. Worrying, and appeared in surprising action. The decision was taken to Emperor Shomu and was never able to be yielded. The mother and the miyako were opened wide.

In order to reward the difficulties which came at all mental pain and until now. A direct mother's wish was heard.

The wish of the miyako was unexpected.

It is erection of "the rusyanabutu which shines all universally."


It repented of it and apologized for the refreshed miyako to the son.

Under the present circumstances, finances had uneasiness. Especially supply of gold was difficult. Moreover, it became a subject how the help in connection with construction is secured.

Does a rusyanabutu build sure enough? In what kind of way do carry out revenge to the Fujiwara family? The answer appeared in Emperor Shomu's extreme action. It carries out sure enough and is the action.


31 years old of hikarugenji

24 years old of Seiko.

60 years old of fuhitoes.

The 47 talk   Peace returns with brilliant Emperor Shomu's command.


Appreciate having raised into the father and the fuhito and having been given. The trap of the Fujiwara house was not able to be allowed.

Emperor Shomu who felt so appeared in the strategy which is not believed. All the past Emperors were the bold things which do not conceive at all, either.

It appeared in the exceptional feint operation which repeats four transfer of the capital (a kuni capital, a sigaraki capital, Naniwakyo, and heijyoukyou). A staff officer is Maki Kibino.

Four transfer of the capital shook the Fujiwara organization greatly at every time.

Union of four brothers' son Fujiwara (Nakamaro, Hiroshi, and momokawa etc.) house began to collapse gradually.

Emperor Shomu's position was regained completely.

Four transfer of the capital reset Miya's environment as a result, and was useful for the eradication of smallpox.

It will return to a heijyoukyou in a kuni capital and a nadamiya, sigaraki Miya, and 745.

Political power was maintained and it succeeded in influence distribution of the Fujiwara family.

And that time of saying that it waits for a chance came on.

Parent-and-child meeting was realized for the first time in 38 years. The man-of-power tatibanamoroe at the time performed.

It was reasonable although [ in which a tatibanamoroe also sides with the Emperor ] decided.

Making a miyako and a syoumu meet has a big merit for a moroemiko.

It was judged that exposure of the Fujiwara house secret was leading for itself.


Emperor Shomu started the attack strategy of the Fujiwara house. As a strategy general, (696 - 775 years) were promoted for Makibi Kibino of tang return to the substitute. He was informed of the strategy of intense military tactics studied by the tang.

The strategy and tactics which were assembled minutely became intense power, and destroyed the enemy. Emperor Shomu won splendidly and rewarded the mother.

And in order to fulfill a mother's wish in 752. Erection of "a rusyanabutu and Great Buddha of Nara" was realized by the thought which removes all impurity.

Emperor Shomu raised the priest's quality, it educated (from the tang to the Ganjin invitation), and Gyoki secured the help. In order to cancel a help, all the Gyoki's pupil was provided. The syoumu retired emperor positioned the completion in 752 as a 200 rounds of introduction-of-Buddhism sense.


If Michiyo Tachibana is as hypothetical, she is a sinful human being. She paid it and ran into Horyuji Temple. The east touingaran of Horyuji Temple is what was built in order that Emperor Shomu might calm the deep-seated grudge of a syoutokutaisi. The mitiyo built the Amitabha Tathagata sanson to Horyuji Temple so that a deep-seated grudge might not start itself.


All the Buddha statues which he can have were presented to Horyuji Temple. It is action by one mind which wants to accept and repent of a crime. Moreover, it had a nenjibutu and considered it as a lifelong confession.

For persons other than the Imperial Family to prepare their Buddha statue and nenjibutu in a temple is that it is exceptional.

Possibly I wanted to condole, carry out and confess just because the mitiyo was the hypothetical leading role.

The post of sleep was taken [ whether the mitiyo felt easy in 733, and ] calmly.

The ceremony which the syoumu retired emperor united with the 200th [ introduction-of-Buddhism ] anniversary, and was united in 752 was held.

It became the world's largest event as old days.

10,000 or more people's important persons in and outside the country gathered.

From the bodaiseina (priest of India), it was put into the eye by "the rusyanabutu (Great Buddha of Nara)", and the ceremony to consecrate a newly made Buddhist image was carried out to it.

National peace, the peace and security of the nation, and the wished grand festival were performed.


There was not Gyoki who provided this event with many helps (749-year die).

Emperor Shomu invited Ganjin from the tang, tackled education, such as Gyoki's priest, and condoled in 754. a 749-year daughter -- you -- the Emperor -- she is a person. The Imperial Throne was yielded and the future was watched calmly.

Emperor Shomu promised an eternal confession of himself and a mother by "the rusyanabutu (Great Buddha of Nara)." It handed down Buddhist culture with the huge Nara period to future generations. The syoumu was one of a few [ all the past Emperors ] great Emperors.


<< Seiko >>.

Was the rusyanabutu charged with many people's crime and was built? Peace and peacefulness returned to the heijyoukyou.


The meaning "which illuminates all universally" has understood Seiko well.












 hikarugenji    32 years-old

 Seiko       25 years-old

Emperor Shomu   56 years-old

mitiyo            68 years old.

The 48 talk   Emperor Shomu's daughter is the last queen of the Nara period.


Emperor Koken is Emperor Shomu's daughter. (The remains of a heijyoukyou, the remains of a site seen from the daikokuden) .


The the Crown Prince was carried out by the woman.

It is unprecedented that the Emperor's daughter does a the Crown Prince and is generally situated immediately. But it is in the fate which becomes the Emperor with the blood of birth.


Was it judged that the Emperor's blood was pulled by miyako (Emperor Shomu's mother) confession?

Politics is an amateur only to a woman. It is reliable while Emperor Shomu is alive. Emperor Koken was (the 46th generation Emperor reign 745-758) and accession to the throne on July 2, 749. The koumyou Empress is still the fourth daughter of Fujiwara.

The Fujiwara north house also has still strong influence.

It is OK while father Emperor Shomu is alive.

Seiko encouraged to Emperor Shotoku of the embarrassing position.


<< Seiko >>.

Were some said by Emperor Shomu at the time of taking over?

<< Emperor Koken >>.

It was said that it was the blood which becomes the Emperor.

<< Seiko >>.

Does confidence serve as the Emperor?

<< Emperor Koken >>.

It is not at all.

<< Seiko >>.

The target in the Emperor.

It is not independently.

<< Seiko >>.

If support of a father and the Emperor Shomu retired emperor is offered?

<< Emperor Shotoku >>l

It is OK as long as the father is aive

<< Seiko >>.

You are single at the age of 31. Marriage is not considered.

<< Emperor Shotoku >>.

Although there is a favorite person, there is no qualification of the Emperor and it is not in others.


<< Seiko >>.

We are looking at history in 1000 or more. Advise. Please take care about a male, especially a priest!

<< Emperor Shotoku >>.

the person (doukyou) who cured my illness -- I understand but -- take care. Thank you

<< Seiko >>.

Makibi Kibino regards a substitute as good. Please use him well.

<< Seiko's comment >>.

It is the touch which it is told about blood by the Emperor Shomu retired emperor, and is bewildered by him. It is not interested in politics and it was felt that I wanted a good substitute to stick.

Moreover, the pressure which may be surrounded by the Fujiwara family was felt. The Fujiwara family tends to use and do the koumyou Empress's position. It was thought that a substitute intense for saving Emperor Shotoku was required. a thing with OK Emperor Shotoku,














 hikarugenji       32 years-old

 Seiko             25 years-old

 Emperor Shotoku  31 years old.


The 49 talk  Emperor Junnin by whom banishment was done to Awaji.

Emperor Koken acceded to the throne in 749, and abdicated the throne for 758.

Easy-to-use Emperor Junnin was supported by the pressure of the fujiwaranakamaro. Emperor Junnin isthe7thchildof a tonerisinnou. a fujiwaranakamaro is tyrannical -- for the first time in -- the enraged kouken retired emperor. Real power was returned to itself.

In Nakamaro, rebellion was abandoned by Makibi Kibino's skillful strategy, and banishment of Emperor Junnin was carried out to Awaji-shima. (It will pass away in Awaji in 786). Although it seemed whether to be settlement now, it was exposed of the unexpected weak point...

<<A hikarugenji is the interview in Makibi Kibino>>.

<< hikarugenji >>.

The point of the Nakamaro subjugation.

<< Makibi Kibino >>.

They are swift attack and military power distribution.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Whom does the next Emperor recommend?

<< Makibi Kibino >>.

I get a kouken retired emperor to turn into the Emperor.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Then, is it satisfa9ctory?

<< Makibi Kibino >>.

There is a trouble. A retired emperor's followers are anxious.

The priest who calls it the doukyou which cured especially the retired emperor's illness is anxious.

<< hikarugenji >>.

We have experienced the 1000 future. Be careful of a doukyou.

<< Makibi Kibino >>.

I understand. Take care.

Then, a doukyou incident will break out and it will shake history greatly.

Characters   32 years old of hikarugenjisis Seiko    45 years old of 25 years-old mitiyoes.

The 50 talk   Seiko's desperate persuasion was not accepted by the queen, either.


Retiring Emperor Junnin, the kouken reigned as Emperor Shotoku of 48 generation again. (Reign 764-770) The end of the Nara period began from here suddenly.


<< Seiko is the interview to Emperor Shotoku>> .

evaluating a doukyou too much -- coming out . Would you like to make it the Emperor

With the status in which a doukyou does not get used to the Emperor.

<< Emperor Shotoku >>.

But they are those who can trust it most. It is not in others.

<< Seiko >>.

Isn't a vassal the Emperor and does it challenge the tradition which continued 48 generation?

<< Emperor Shotoku >>.

A doukyou is a person who there is political power and can oppose the Fujiwara family

<< Seiko >>.

Isn't the doukyou seen as a male?

<< Emperor Shotoku >>.

Or is not found so. Love was felt for the first time.

<< Seiko >>.

Is the Emperor declined and isn't there any mind of marrying the doukyou

<< Emperor Shotoku >>.

Although he would like to do so, be contrary to a promise with a father.

<< Seiko >>.

If it does not adhere to a tenmu system, there are talented people. The syoumu retired emperor also desires it. It is the politics of a country. Please be aware of the culture which the Emperor for generations has protected, and make decisions carefully.

<< Emperor Shotoku >>.

Carry out the oracle of the last to God of Usa hatiman Miya.

<< Seiko >>.

Does it live as a woman without straining itself.

Does it live as the Emperor? You should decide.

Please forget a doukyou. Say once again. Please forget a doukyou.


<< Emperor Shotoku >>.

Thank you for the advice.

Although the person who can trust it is looked for, hang on the oracle of Usa hatiman .


Seiko's desperate persuasion was not able to stop blindness of Emperor Shotoku's love, either.

Banish a doukyou from the political world as a result of an oracle. The queen of disappointment left this world (53 years old of 770-year age at death).






hikarugenji      32 years-old

Seiko            25 years-old

Emperor Shotoku 46 years old.

The 51 talk   The last Emperor Konin and trap of the Nara period were waiting.


Accession to the throne of 62 years old and Emperor Konin are 770 year [ of reign ] -781.

It was a short-term government for 11 years.

It was accession to the throne by forcing recommendation of the Fujiwara family. 

A father is the Shiki kousi (for Yoshino alliance 6 kousi, the last is - Emperor Tenchi 7 child one person). Since the child became the Emperor, the father also adds and respects the Kasuga Miya Emperor (a sikimiko and Yoshino mountain 6 kousi's last).


< hikarugenji>>.

 Interview Emperor Konin. Why was it addicted to alcohol?

<< Emperor Konin >>.

Because he did not want to grow into the Emperor.

<< hikarugenji >>.

The reason for having carried out drastic change accession to the throne.

<< Emperor Konin >>.

It is because 60 years old was turned and confidence was made to politics.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Is the Empress (Imperial prince in Inoue) loved?

<< Emperor Konin >>.

It loves.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Please trust it, whatever may occur.

I see the history of the 1200 future and tomorrow to this is advice.

The worsts are the Nara period and the end of a heijyoukyou.

<< Emperor Konin >>.

Thank you for the understood advice.


Then, the Empress's Imperial prince in Inoue considered it as the rebellion person, and the kousi also executed as equally guilty. Emperor Konin is the result of the ability not to trust the Empress. The deep-seated grudge of the Imperial prince in Inoue attacked to the Imperial Household after execution.

The death with the strange leading figure continued one after another, and it attacked the heijyoukyou. The heijyoukyou has already turned into the place of a curse.

The advice of a hikarugenjisi is also empty and is also the end of the Nara period (Asuka period - Nara period). If the Imperial prince in Inoue was trusted, possibly there was no transfer of the capital to Heiankyo.


<< Seiko >>.

When loving people and becoming husband and wife, Mr. Hikaru Genji's idea referred to as trusted, supported and suiting has understood well. No matter what might happen, it felt trusting a hikarugenjisi anew.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Since one distrust carries out the end of an asuka and the Nara period.

The same may be said of Seiko and us. It cannot love except Seiko. Trust it extensively and support. I always appreciate Seiko's eyes and sincere language. Simultaneously, the hikarugenji considered man's life and uneasiness went by the head.















Characters .

hikarugenji     32 years-old.

Seiko           25 years-old.

Emperor Konin  61 years old,

The 52 talk   Emperor Kammu who did the transfer of the capital to Nagaoka and Heiankyo by the curse.


The ancient asuka Nara period was passed by the new era, and disappeared. The 784-year Nagaokakyo transfer of the capital was the cursed place. Emperor Kammu (Emperor Konin's The 1 child) asked for a sacred new capital, and transfered the capital to "Heiankyo" in 794 in only ten years. The revengeful ghost of the Imperial prince in Inoue (Emperor Konin's Empress), and the Sawara kousi and osabe kousi of a child was great.

Carrying out as [ get off ], Emperor Kammu asked for the new world. But, the revengeful ghost attacked Emperor Kammu and was afflicted by smallpox and the natural disaster, and the mysterious incident.

Kyoto is the inland basin where three directions were surrounded by the mountain.

North has Kitayama, a plain spreads and south is an entrance of a capital.

The east serves as Mt. Hiei, Higashiyama, and the Daigo mountain. In the west, the mountain land in Nishiyama spreads.

It is a ground suitable for four God (fusui theory).


781 years when a father and Emperor Konin passed away at and Emperor Kammu, the half-brother, acceded to the throne. In this way, although the Heian period started, Heiankyo escaped from the place of the nightmare and became an uneasy start.

For his mother, Emperor Kammu's father and Emperor Konin are the blood of the Kudara system. It was the accession to the throne which is inherent in a vague feeling of anxiety.


Emperor Kammu made desertion mysterious Buddhism and shrine (it is the incarnation of a curse) in Nara. (The Nara sightseeing 1200 years after will be established by this thing). New shrines and temples were born to Kyoto, and it became an appearance of Kuukai and Saicho.

The turn of the new Buddhism which is not in the Nara Buddhism was met. Again. Having made the prime temple into desertion in Nara was that political power and military power are separated.


< hikarugenji -- the interview >>.

Although the Emperor's mother's side is a visit system, is it OK?

<< Emperor Kammu >>.

Since the right course was abandoned, he is in the flow of a kouninn system.

Since the father is Emperor Konin, it is satisfactory.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Is the revengeful ghost of the Imperial prince in Inoue, and the osabe Imperial prince and the Sawara Imperial prince worried?

<< Emperor Kammu >>.

It is very much worried.

It is frightened at the deep-seated grudge every day.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Please perform a memorial service for three persons. Because they are innocence.

<< Emperor Kammu >>.

I would like to carry out all understood funerals.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Then, "Heiankyo" will continue long.

But the new influence of Nara and Kyoto is born and greet the end of Emperor politics. Please carry out politics in an organization so that there is nothing right [ that ]. The shrines and temples in Nara have military power of a priest, and a military power group comes into power soon.

We have experienced the 1000-year back.

<< Emperor Kammu >>.

I am 44 years old. Opt for a successor early and make a new legal-codes-of-the-Nara-and-Heian-eras state. Aim at a country ruled by law.

<< hikarugenji >>.

That's right, please do your best.



hikarugenji     32 years-old

Seiko           25 years-old

Emperor Konin  61 years-old

Emperor Kammu 44 years old.

The 53 talk   The heizei Emperor who mistook politics by the woman, miserable end.


Emperor Heizei (a father is Emperor Kammu) reigned as the 51st generation Emperor in 806.

Financial aspects, a taxation system side, a bureaucracy side, etc. were reformed.

The leadership as the Emperor was fully exercised.

There was merely a problem of a female side.

Emperor Heizei who Emperor Kammu passed away and acceded to the throne. However, it fell in love with the daughter's mother (daughter of a kusuko and Tanetsugu Fujiwara). The drastic change and the political situation changed into the critical state from here.

<< hikarugenji is the interview to the heizei Emperor>>.

Why did it wait for interest to the mother?

<< Emperor Heizei >>.

Because it is my liking.

<< hikarugenji >>.

If it is not made moderate, it will develop into a serious problem.

We are the advice which experiences the point in 1000.

<< Emperor Heizei >>.

political power is only evaluated -- it is alike and hard to throw away.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Do you banish a husband to Dazaifu, and will call back and deceive in a high rank official in several years?

<< heizei Emperor >>.

The body is weak and I need a substitute.

<< hikarugenji >>.

In politics, a wirepuller is an accessory.

Please take care.

<< Emperor Heizei >>.

it is OK -- since the next Emperor has decided on his younger brother (Emperor Saga).

<< hikarugenji >>.

Please take care about a kusuko and its elder brother so that the end of Emperor politics will be greeted.

Does "man have an affair by liking unintentionally, as for the way back and Seiko? It said in the tone stronger than usual.


<< hikarugenji >>.

A man moves mind to other women because he does not love the wife. I love Seiko, so fickleness should not worry about me.

<< Seiko >>

I understand. she felt easy.

Then, Emperor Heizei will yield his younger brother the Emperor's post for reasons of the body in three years. a major event begins from there -- things -- what is called - that is "strange [ a kusuko ]" -- sure enough -- a end ?



hikarugenji      32 years old of   

Seiko            25 years old    

Emperor Heizei   32 years old    

Emperor Kammu  70 years old    

Kusuko           25 years old (presumption).

The 54 talk  kusuko (Cuzco) was a woman of devilism.


Write it as a "heizei" and call it a Japanese oak,heijyou, and heizei. the heizei Emperor of the heijyoukyou of a heijyou (Nara) -- like -- come out. Emperor Heizei was weak, yielded his younger brother (Emperor Saga) the Imperial Throne in three years, and retired to the heijyoukyou (809 years).

A result in which this thing follows tragic fate was brought.

It soared to the mother (kusuko) of the daughter who arrived in Miya in her kousi days.

The father's kanmu banished the kusuko from Miya.


Emperor Heizei was again called back to Miya after a father's passing away. The younger brother (Emperor Saga) was yielded and it lived in seclusion by the heijyoukyou. A retired emperor's condition is recovered and it began to intervene in politics. Sex appeal came out for political power by physical strength recovery. A kusuko makes an elder brother and an in-law arrive in Miya, and began to do politics.

Truly, it became a situation which Emperor Saga, a son, cannot overlook, either.

The 2 place Emperor of Heiankyo and a heijyoukyou has done it.

Kukai prayed for and did Emperor Saga's victory.

Meanwhile, Seiko has borne interest against the kusuko. The uneme was asked instantly and the appointment was taken.

<< Seiko's interview >>.

Is Emperor Heizei loved?

<< kusuko >>.

From love, I have a mission. 

<< Seiko >>.

It will be ruined if a head is put into the political world.

We have experienced the 1000 future.

This is the last advice. Please back out from the political world and enjoy yourself by a heijyoukyou with Emperor Heizei.

<< kusuko >>.

I thought of my elder brother and approached Emperor Heizei. An elder brother and Emperor Heizei will transfer the capital to a heijyoukyou.

It cannot talk in detail.


Seiko -- a hikarugenji and "love" -- what -- it is .

There are "love to love" and "love loved" especially. It discussed for a while, looking at a heijyoukyou at the summit in Wakakusa-yama. That in which a woman lives only with love, and Seiko felt it strong at this time.

"A kusuko is strange" occurred in 810. It developed into confrontation with - father's heizei Emperor, and Emperor Saga, a child, with the mechanism of the kusuko. By Kukai's advice, Emperor Saga turned the army promptly and won. The kusuko committed suicide by taking poison. Emperor Heizei forsook the world with the body of penitence, and passed away in 824.

Heiankyo was starting of ups and downs for the curse and the devilism woman.




















Hikarugenji     33 years old      

Seiko           26 years old     

Kusuko         25 years old.

The 55 talk   Although it was Emperor Saga excellent in Chinese poetry, it was extreme to the woman.


Emperor Heizei's younger brother and Emperor Saga were excellent in Chinese poetry and writing.

Along with Tachibana no Hayanari and Kukai, it was called three brushes of the Heian period.

The culture of this time was called "kounin culture."

The Heian period which begins from Emperor Kammu continued until the Kamakura shogunate was started by Yoritomo Minamoto. It can be said that Emperor Saga built the foundation in 400. EmperorSaga disliked control political participation for the influence of the shrines and temples in Nara severely.

It was called the Saga insei and the Emperor direct Imperial government was built. The Emperor will retreat a job and will continue taking a political rudder as a retired emperor. It is an insei's beginning (the beginning of 823 year and an insei).

The Emperor insei during 33 years from Emperor Saga to Emperor Junna maintained the political situation continued and stabilized.

<< Seiko's interview >>.

Is confidence on political leadership?

<< Emperor Saga >>.

If you leave politics to a bureaucrat, it is useless. I would like to aim at a rituryou state.


<< Seiko >>.

Do Chinese poetry and writing have confidence?

<< Emperor Saga >>.

He whom Kukai taught is my teacher.


<< Seiko >>.

If untidy to a woman although the ability of politics and literature is accepted.


<< Emperor Saga >>.

The woman should just bear a child. I would like to act as an excellent inheritor by the woman from whom blood is different. Because succession is stabilized for them so that there are many women.

<< Seiko >>.

50 children are unusual to 30 women.

A woman is also the human being who waited for splendid character like the man.

There is a reason born to every person and it has each sense of mission.

Please give me consideration gentle to a woman.

<< Emperor Saga >>.

Are you satisfaction by one hikarugenji person?

<< Seiko >>.

It is large satisfaction. It is trusted mutually, and supports, the joy which suits is felt, and it is happiness every day.  

The joy which trusts a one human being, supports and suits is felt.

<< Emperor Saga >>.

It meets or you are enviable.

but, a hikarugenji also has capricious nature -- since it cuts, take care.

<< Seiko >>.

Because it is trusted mutually reliable and supports each other.

But there is a vague feeling of anxiety and Seiko talked to the hikarugenji.

Mr. Hikaru Genji is capricious nature -- it is ..


<< hikarugenji >>.

The hikarugenji time is said. There is nothing to worry about.

In the future, the woman called "Fujitsubo" will appear. She is a woman similar to my mother. Although there was no a mother's memory, it heard from close attendants and had a mother image just like its mother. Seiko is just the image. Therefore, Seiko's last world is Fujitsubo.

Please understand so and never suspect me.

Only Seiko is in my life.


<< Seiko >>.

It understands..

Thank you ..


But I would like to meet "Fujitsubo" early.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Finally the ancient trip is also approaching. We cannot meet Fujitsubo. I appeared before Seiko because I pursued the mother. In this way, he met Seiko, it was considered as the wife, and - sense of values was shared.

It is because he would like to report to a mother that he is husband and wife. please understand if you please . I would like for this trip to regard a mother's recollections as beautiful, and to make it into the mother of an ideal


<< Seiko>>.

I understand. Did you want to show me this history?

Hehasalso understood my last world simultaneously.

<< hikarugenji >>.

That's right. The thought of Seiko and me can be attained now.

Thank you, Mr. Hikaru Genji.

Thank you said once again.

Two persons checked the wonderfulness of loving one person thoroughly, and took the post on the way home. The tiko and the muku met usual. Even if it calls it lease, it is with [ splendid ] a garden. It is always beautiful at Seiko's care, and the heart is softened.


The hikarugenji looked up at the night sky in touch and Heiankyo for the highest happiness. The earnest shooting star went by the sky from the direction of the Big Dipper.












hikarugenji     33 years-old

Seiko           26 years-old

Emperor Saga   57 years old.

The 56 talk Emperor Junna for whom strengthening and the tyokuhiden of local administration are conspicuous. 

The throne was abdicated by Emperor Kammu's The 3 child and Emperor Saga, and it acceded to the throne as Emperor Junna as 53 generation of Thes. (823 years).


Emperor Saga, a father, had a child for no less than 50 persons, and the situation which must be taken out with the disposal from the inside of the Imperial Household out of the Imperial Household came out. "Saga Genji" "Seiwa Heike " -- it became a cause by which an external organization was born. Therefore, although it is conspicuous, strengthening of local government and the necessity for an agrarian change (tyokuhiden) were imminent. Emperor Junna set up the large-scale tyokuhiden and used for financial reconstruction. Moreover, the local government official's educational fullness led to the stability of the political situation as strengthening of an external organization.

Furthermore, the new system below a cloister government was also started.

(A retired emperor is also involved in politics).


<< It is the interview to hikarugenji and Emperor Junna>>.

Finances and agricultural administration are brilliant. If introduction of an insei also merely has a demerit.

<< Emperor Junna >>.

A retired emperor's dignity is demonstrated and there is only a merit.

<< hikarugenji >>.

If a cloister government continues, only the fixed person using it will carry out power.

We know the 1000 future experientially.

Please be conscious of the demerit of an insei.

<< Emperor Junna >>.

By parent and child or a brother, authority is succeeded and it becomes stable.

Since the power of a retired emperor or the Emperor is maintainable, it is satisfied.

<< hikarugenji >>.

That becomes a problem. Authority argument of the Emperor and a retired emperor will have external military power soon. Junior organization birth became argument of external influence.


The worst is an imperial family's power loss.

Please take care.

<< Emperor Junna >>.

I understand. Take care.


The Emperor Junna era continued for ten years, and turned into a comparatively peaceful time.

In 833, the throne was abdicated for King Yoshichika Imperial prince (Emperor Nimmyo), the nephew. It lived in the jyunwain and passed away inside peacefully seven years afterward (840 years).


hikarugenji    33 years-old

Seiko        26 years-old

Emperor Junna aged 55 (833 year and 840-year death).

The 57 talk   Emperor Nimmyo who racked his brains for the Fujiwara house which aimed at the cloister government.


The throne was abdicated for Emperor Nimmyo by Emperor Junna, and he reigned as 53 generation. It became a stable administration 18 years and over a long period of time. However, collapse of Imperial-Household organization had started.

Insei organization began to expose a serious problem. (A full-scale insei is from the 72nd generation Emperor Shirakawa).

A complicated authority structure called the Emperor-Empress-Crown Prince versus retired emperor-retired emperor empress-jyotaisi appeared. To this The Emperor's natural mother-retired emperor's natural mother.


The Emperor's father-retired emperor's father.

A Motomiya followers-jyoumiya takes and it is a volume.


Such complicated authority organization brought a result which produces lower class stage influence. Moreover, if 50 children are produced to 30 Kyoto women like Emperor Saga, it will become a problem how it deals with 50 persons and followers.

That becomes a crevice where the Fujiwara north house takes advantage. It killed each other's rival with the mutual plot.

Organization and treatment with such the unsuitable Imperial Household produced the external organization of the "genpeitoukitu."

A result in which each produces directions influence and the influence produces the military power group of a heike and Genji soon was brought.


<< The interview  of hikarugenj>> .

Scheme for each to attach a Crown Prince candidate to the Imperial Throne, and to put him.

If this is not stopped, it will become an imperial family's collapse.

<< Emperor Nimmyo >>.

 peace is firstIt is the peace itself now.


<< hikarugenji >>.

If the rule of the Empress and the Crown Prince is not decided, grow into Imperial-Household collapse.

<< Emperor Nimmyo >>.

The Fujiwara north house has an appropriate use. It is satisfactory.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Disorder of the Emperor and a retired emperor is the cause.

<< Emperor Nimmyo >>.

Since control of the insei has been performed, it is reliable.

<< hikarugenji >>.

We know the history of the 1000 future. The influence which is not the Imperial Household, either and is not the Fujiwara family, either will rule over soon.

Please take care.

<< Emperor Nimmyo >>.

It is OK as long as I have reigned. Thank you for the advice.


The way of life and sense of mission of the way and Seiko, and the human being who return were discussed. In two or more persons' organization, the volition of a common target, and communication and cooperation is required. Mutual interview information was shared toward the target to enjoy ancient times, and the way of life of life was studied and it came.

Two persons' sense of values was in agreement. That it is alive now checked that it is ancestral favor and the thing for which it is thankful to an Ancestor and to do.

Let's return to the near future world, apologize to parents and a brother, and establish our family. I would like to bear the child of Seiko and me by 1 princess 2 Taro, to become brave about posterity's education, and to build a bright home.


Hikarugenji       33 years old     

Seiko             26 years old     

Emperor Nimmyo  23 years old. 9

The 58 talk   The 55th generation Emperor Montoku troubled with Crown Prince selection.


For Emperor Montoku's (55 generation) father, Emperor Nimmyo and a mother are Junko Fujiwara. The mother (Junko) of Emperor Montoku who won by Crown Prince selection is the Fujiwara fuyutugu daughter.

The Emperor was in the situation where he must always be conscious of the Fujiwara house (the 857-year Grand Minister of State and the north house).

While the pressure of the Fujiwara yosifusa increased, it had trouble about - Crown Prince selection again.

The 1-year-old kousi korehito Imperial prince (Akiko Fujiwara's child) was forced as the Crown Prince.

 << It is the interview of a hikarugenji to Fujiwara yosifusa>> .

Is the Grand Minister of State looking at the whole situation?

<< yosifusa >>.

Rather than the whole situation, you should carry out the Fujiwara house priority.

<< hikarugenji >>.

In the present way, a traditional Emperor system collapses from ancient times.

<< yosifusa >>.

You may collapse.

The Fujiwara north house should just remain.


<< hikarugenji >>.

Then, he is not the Grand Minister of State.


<< yosifusa >>.

It is noisy.

Like this, if there is nothing, you will not be born.

Leave it to me.

<< hikarugenji >>.

The hikarugenji was puzzled for a moment.


He is a politician who leaves a name as a man of power at the time.


The hikarugenji turned to the way back and Seiko in detail about its predecessor. (In this way, thing referred to as that the hikarugenji was born by the heyday of the Fujiwara north house).

 << hikarugenji >>

Although the predecessor hikarugenji carried out selfish action, the last was the empty last moment. I pursued the mother's afterimage rather than loved a predecessor, a difference, and how many women.

As a result, it got used to Seiko and husband and wife.


Therefore, it is satisfactory. If Seiko is in a side, my life is fortunate at the touch which is together with a mother. I would like to love one Seiko all the time and to live.


<< Seiko >>.

Understand in Mr. Hikaru Genji's idea well. I also continue loving one hikarugenji person.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Even if this trip finishes, I would like to love Seiko to the life last. And a dream carries out a hot springs tour and mountain walking with Seiko, a child, and a five-person family.

<< Seiko >>.

Since it is us the families, it is good in becoming so.















hikarugenji         33 years-old

Seiko               26 years-old

Fujiwara yosifusa    54 years old.

The 59 talk    Emperor Seiwa who trifled to the Fujiwara yosifusa which is regency.


Emperor Montoku passed away in the youth of 32 years old in 857. It was the last moment which does not have a target in life and does not have pleasure.

The Crown Prince's korehito Imperial prince acceded to the throne as the 56th generation Emperor Seiwa (only 9 years old).

Real power was seized by the hand of the Fujiwara yosifusa. The yosifusa forced the responsibility for the arson to an ootomo house or a kinoke of Miya. It ruined by the intrigue and built the heyday of the Fujiwara north house. But new influence began to be born from this time. They are a kanmu heike, the Seiwa heike, and Saga  Genji. If 30 women are made to bear 50 children like Emperor Saga, the order in the Imperial Household will be confused. For emitting out of the Imperial Household, you have to give a storied name. This serves as behind serious influence and will attack an imperial family.

<< hikarugenji >>.

We are looking at the history of after 1000 years.

If political reform is not carried out, the imperial family itself will collapse.

<< Emperor Seiwa >>.

It worries, if you would like to carry out somehow.

<< hikarugenji >>.

You are too (10 years old) young. Appoint excellent talented people.

Make the organization which distributes the authority of a yosifusa.

<< Emperor Seiwa >>.

What kind of organization is the organization?

<< hikarugenji>>.

There are talented people excellent also in the Fujiwara family. It is making an organization equivalent to a chief councillor of state also for power distribution.

<< Emperor Seiwa >>.

He understands and does his best.

It addressed on the way to which it returns with Seiko.

This time and man are the times d of fighting for power, money, and a woman.

The predecessor's hikarugenji had disagreeable politics and it infatuated it with the woman. I can meet Seiko and am fortunate. The joy which loves a one woman might be felt. Thank you for choosing Seiko and me.

<< Seiko >>.

The same may be said of me. Mr. Hikaru Genji, thank you.

The uneme came to turn by carriage. Two persons made Heiankyo behind and left for home. The uneme (younger sister) made a walk take in a muku on the way, and he was walking. The muku which noticed us shook off the uneme's hand and has run by the high dash. Then, the instant when a tiko is happy on Seiko's head spread in ancient space.


hikarugenji    33 years-old

Seiko     26 years-old

uneme     33 years-old y

osifusa     54 years-old

Emperor Seiwa 10 years old.

The 60 talk   Emperor Yozei who lacks in the nature of an eccentric person, a crank and the Emperor.


Emperor Seiwa is the youth of 16 years old with the shock of daikokuden arson, and transferred the Imperial Throne to Emperor Yozei.

A father is Emperor Seiwa and a mother is Fujiwara takako.  They are Emperor Yozei and only 9 years old. There were those who expand power on an excuse to assist the young Emperor. The Fujiwara mototune (A mototune and regency ) which is an inheritor of the Fujiwara yosifusa seized real power. It is success in life exceptional supported by a father yosifusa.

Regency government begins from here. A yosifusa and a mototune began to establish eternal development of the Fujiwara north house.

Emperor Yozei cannot but depend on the Fujiwara family in the youth of 9 years old. He began to be absorbed in politics uninteresting chiefly at a woman and a strange game. The extreme is a stimulus of murder. The prisoner, and an uneme and a woman were killed like the game.


<< Seiko's interview >> .

Really [ rumor / which has killed the weak person in the Emperor's position ]?

<< Emperor Yozei >>.

Probably, a prisoner may kill in a game, since he is a death penalty someday.

<< Seiko >>.

The uneme who bound with the rope was put into the pond, and was killed.

<< Emperor Yozei >>.

it is true -- it was stimulative and interesting.

<< Seiko >>.

Did you kill the Emperor's nurse's child?

<< Emperor Yozei >>.

It is true. Responsibility is felt and resign from the Emperor.

<< Seiko >>.

Although the father ran to Buddhist teachings, you should also confess.

A child and a woman are weak positions. The Emperor should make relief of the weak the duty essentially.

Please redo life. And please fill the weak with love. Otherwise, it cannot die in peace.

<< Emperor Yozei >>.

I understand. The decision to reform oneself and live took the post.

In 884, there is decision of the Fujiwara house and Emperor Yozei abdicated the throne for the Crown Prince at the age of 15.

It survived to 82 years old in 949. It seems that there was wisdom to survive although it was incompetent in politics and was a human being of human life neglect.





Hikarugenji        33 years old   

Seiko              26 years old   

Fujiwara mototunes. 48 years old

The 61 talk   Emperor Koukou also produced Genji's gaiseki.


Emperor Koko (58 generation) is Emperor Nimmyo's The 3 child.

It acceded to the throne in 884. A mother is a daughter takusi of the Fujiwara fusatugu. The Fujiwara organization became a huge rock.

Emperor Koukou was accession to the throne by intense recommendation of the Fujiwara mototune (a mototune and kanpaku) in accession to the throne of 55 years old.


<< Seiko's interview >>.

it is not interested in politics -- it is .

<< Emperor Koukou >>.

It cannot reign so long at the age of 55.

All difficult things have left it to the mototune (a mototune and kanpaku).

<< Seiko >>.

A woman is another although written also to Tsurezuregusa as the simple Emperor.

<< Emperor Koukou >>.

Since a woman is kind, she likes it. It is thinking of an inheritor.

<< Seiko >>.

Even if it carries out for Swerving, there are too many 29 children and they are the bases of argument.

<< Emperor Koukou >>.

The family name of the minamotoasomi is given as a gaiseki. It is OK.

<< Seiko >>.

the next Crown Prince decided -- it is .

<< Emperor Koukou >>.

The minamotosadami (next Emperor Uda) was used.

the Kokin wakashu








Genji of a gaiseki is Emperor's ruler soon.

It originates in that there are many the Emperor's children.


Emperor Koukou passed away only three years afterward.

It returned to the way back and the world with Seiko, and became the talk how many children to have.

<< Seiko >>

When "1 Princess 2 Taro" said from ancient times was good, she revealed by saying that she would like to return by her twenties for the reason.



<< hikarugenji >>.

that is right -- our trip can also be going the end.


By the time the time of a hikarugenji is born, I would like to also take this trip.

Therefore, even Emperor Ichijo (66 generation) is eight more generation.

pleasant [ in ancient times ] till then -- already .

<< Seiko >>.

I understand -- she enjoys herself as hard as possible, and studies .
















Hikarugenji     33 years old     

Seiko           26 years old     

Emperor Koko   55 years old.

The 62 talk   Emperor Uda chooses not politics but Buddhist teachings.


Emperor Uda acceded to the throne as 59 generation of Thes in 887. Michizane Fujiwara was selected simultaneously.


It is accession to the throne by the Emperor Koko death. The Fujiwara mototune was inaugurated as the kanpaku the beginning and the Imperial edict was taken out.

But this Imperial edict developed into the major event.

the inside of the sentence of an Imperial edict -- " -- there was akounosasuke assistant."

It is a meaning said there "there is no work although grade is high" from ancient times in China.

That is, it can be interpreted as not having work execution ability. The angry mototune disregarded Emperor and abandoned work.

There was nothing also according to a repeated request. The Emperor continued ignoring also to the change in a sentence.

The world improved the power of the Fujiwara north house anew. The mototune passed away, while the Emperor was disregarded in February, 891.


<< hikarugenji interview >>.

Was the Fujiwara mototune trusted although it acceded to the throne at the age of 20?

<< Emperor Uda >>.

It was not trusted.

<< hikarugenji >>.


<< Emperor Uda >>.

Even if powerful, be incapable.

<< hikarugenji >>.

" akounosasuke " is real intention -- it is .

<< Emperor Uda >>.

that is right -- change into the Emperor direct Imperial government.


897 years, Emperor Uda went into Ninna-ji and became the first "houou." (30 years old) After abdicating the throne, 34 years were passed by Buddhist teachings, and it passed away at the age of 65.

The aversion was felt for the Imperial Household's power struggle, and its life was fulfilled.















Hikarugenji      33 years old.

Seiko            26 years-old .

Emperor Uda     30 years old.

The 63 talk   Emperor Daigo (his 60's) cries to a battle of a tokihira with Michizane.


Emperor Daigo had literary talents, such as carrying out compilation by Imperial command of the Kokinwakashu. However, political feeling is thin and Emperor Daigo trusted the Fujiwara tokihira. For the reason, Michizane Fujiwara was appointed, but Michizane was relegated to Dazaifu (901 years) with the artifice of the tokihira. The tokihira disliked the retired emperor brain and carried out strong [ of the organizational operation ] in tokihira organization. Emperor Daigo loses a brain and its later years are lonely life. It concentrated on the vigor literary side and emphasized politics.

 << hikarugenji >>.

before relegating Michizane Fujiwara why, a retired emperor (father) was not consulted with -- it is .

<< Emperor Daigo >>.

Because he wanted to break down retired emperor organization.

<< hikarugenji >>.

 It is a trap of a Fujiwara tokihira.

a direct Imperial government was not advanced -- it is .


 << Emperor Daigo >>.

 -- that is right.


It is the purpose to do a direct Imperial government.


<< hikarugenji >>.

The Kokinwakashu is wonderful. Please aim at the politics which trusted the brain without leaving it to a tokihira.

<< Emperor Daigo >>.

A tokihira has political capability.

Consider a direct Imperial government for a tokihira by a brain.


Eight years afterward, it is a tokihira sudden death and the natural disaster continued. He passed away in 930, 903-year Emperor Saga being frightened of the deep-seated grudge of Michizane who passed away in Dazaifu.


<< hikarugenji >>.

Don't blame Seiko and a person. The heart is always the presence of mind.

"It does not incline". The heart referred to as - "don't be scrupulous" and "capturing each other" is important.

Otherwise, it is overcome by people's artifice.

<< Seiko >>.

It is right. For that purpose, it is important to check a partner's opinion and an intention. It is hearing the opinion of people in a blank paper and not seeing through colored glasses. Mr. Hikaru Genji's heart is always respected by the presence of mind. That I also understand that well and do not understand it consults and it sometimes checks the mutual heart. It was thought that the humble heart was as required as people with it and power.



<< hikarugenji>>.

It has myself, and the power, finances and capability to have been uncommon. Therefore, Seiko is required. As long as Seiko's tenderness continues, live and it is.












Hikarugenjii       33 years old.

Seiko           26 years old.

Emperor Uda      64 years old.

Emperor Saga      46 years old.

Fujiwara tokihiras  30 years old.

Michizane Fujiwara 55 years old.

The 64 talk   The Fujiwara Empress organization solidifies and the Empress's child is situated immediately.







(Michizane Sugawara work).


Emperor Suzaku (61 generation of Thes) acceded to the throne by abdication of the throne from Emperor father Daigo (8 years old).

A father is the retirement afflicted by Michizane's deep-seated grudge.

Emperor Suzaku was also attacked by the violence of the Michizane revengeful ghost.

Real power had become regency by the fourth son tdahira of the Fujiwara mototune.

An eruption and earthquakes occurred frequently and it felt the curse of a revengeful ghost further in that year.

In addition, rebellion of east and west and a syouhei/tenkei broke out. Masakado Taira in the east and the west are random which Sumitomo Fujiwara started. which Genji and a heike started still more after rebellion of a syoujeitenkei. Two great men began (935 years) to start.


<< The interview of hikarugenji >>.

The 12-year-old Emperor is still too young. It is for two or more close attendants about the brain whom he can trust.


<< Emperor Suzaku >>.

you are too young and the point cannot be seen. tadahira must be left now.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Not only an imperial family's crisis but military power influence has gained power.

It is a time of having a better opinion of an organization under the sun.

<< Emperor Suzaku >>.

Suitable talented people are looked for. I would like to abdicate the throne, immediately after finding it.

<< hikarugenji >>.

 It is a correct answerBe careful of military power influence especially the Fujiwara family, and a heike and Genji. Harmony of politics and military power is important.

<< Emperor Suzaku >>.

I understand. I will do best.

It is harmony of politics and military power.

The idea of Imperial-Household politics is lost too much, and it is the politics of the Fujiwara family. The Fujiwara family which gives what policy goal, and the Masakado Taira fight were done from beginning to an end. Then, Emperor Suzaku abdicates the throne by the youth of 24 years old. It passed away at the age of 30.

<< hikarugenji >>.

The uneme picked up by carriage. The hikarugenjisi spoke to Seiko, while leaving for home by car.

Seiko and the imperial family of a bannseeiikkei are also serious.

<< Seiko >>.

As for this time, the samurai has not appeared yet. It is a time serious from now on.

<< hikarugenji >>.

that is right .

The fujiwaramitinaga is called model of the hikarugenji. In birth, the Michinaga is in 30 years. That is, the Fujiwara family carries out the end and the heike and Genji era comes.

Seiko and a trip finish coming out to a slight degree. Let's discuss the direction of our life soon.

Even if what kind of thing occurs, the love to Seiko does not change.




Hikarugenji        36 years old     

Seiko              29 years old      

Uneme             36 years old     

syujyaku           13 years old       

Fujiwara tokihira   55 years old

Michizane Fujiwara 55 years old .

The 65 talk   Murakami Emperor which edited the gosenwakasyuu.


Emperor Suzaku abdicated the throne by the youth of 23 years old. (62 generation of Thes) Successor's urakami Emperor (24 years old) is Emperor Daigo's 14th child. Although Emperor Suzaku was accession to the throne of 8 years old, a murakamitennou is a 20-year-old adult and is accession to the throne (946 years).

Formation of a cabinet is kanpaku tadahira


A Minister-of-the-Left tadahira is the eldest son's saneyori. The members of cloth called Minister-of-the-Right second son sisuke.

The rule organization which the tadahira family depends was established.

However,the murakami Emperorexercised leadership and published financial reorganization.

Moreover, compilation of the gokokinwakasyuu was finished in the cultural aspect. It is revival of an Emperor direct Imperial government.

<< hikarugenji >>.

It is revival of an Emperor direct Imperial government.

<<murakami-Emperor >>.

11 years old and former ages have too as young as 8 years old beforehand cost.

Therefore, the Fujiwara house tended to be given.

<< hikarugenji >>.

But have the upper levels solidified with the tadahira Fujiwara family?

<< murakami-Emperor >>.

Itwas thelawwhich was called the "kouninkakusiki" which the father built and suited the situation instead of form.

<< hikarugenji >>.

Please appoint the talented people who became brave about your successor and the role of a substitute.

Otherwise, revival of an insei and a samurai's influence gain power. Please be especially careful of a heike sect's influence. We are advice when having experienced the 1000 future.

<< murakami Emperor >>.

I understand. Do firmly Imperial-Household talented people's training and a child's education.

<< hikarugenji >>.

The last term of the gold of the Fujiwara family begins from Seiko and here.

The end of our ancient research is approaching. Let's pass satisfactory.

It understood how the Emperor lived for people well.

<< Seiko >>.

Wellexperience obtained at interview is useful after this. Although it is satisfactory enough even now,she enjoys herself to the last.




characters .

hikarugenjis        36 years old 

Seiko               26 years old

Fujiwara tadahira   66 years old

Fujiwara saneyori   46 years old

Fujiwarasisuke      37 years old.

The 66 talk   The imperial family's blood induced the hikarugenji.


Emperor Reizei who was born, became a the Crown Prince immediately and acceded to the throne at the age of 18 (63 generation).


But there was no nature of the Emperor very much.

Although the fathers were the The twins of the Emperor murakami happy [ of the things ] was carried out and reizei acceded to the throne even to the Emperor. Since the father was a chief councillor of state, it is accession to the throne of an in [ the objector having also been present ]. It follows and, simultaneously with accession to the throne, is the next successor argument. Four generation of daughters of the Fujiwara house became the Empress from reisenn continuously.

65 generation is Emperor hanayama. 66 generation is Emperor Ichijou.

67 generation is Emperor Sanjou. It becomes the 68th generation Emperor Go-ichijou. Such blood began to become the imperial family's biggest problem.


There is a person who used intentionally in the blood of the Emperor without political capability. It is the Fujiwara north house. The blood flow was used quickly, and power was made absolute and used.

The hero and hikarugenji of the "Tale of Genji" are the dramas which made the fujiwaramitinaga the model and Murasakishikibu drew.

I would like to describe Michinaga here.

The heart of prosperity was denoted by his poetry the following.





nasitoomoeba .


Michinaga (966 years - 1028) served Enyu (64 generation), a haayama (65 generation), itijyou (66 generation), Emperor Sanjou (67 generation), and the Emperor of the goitijyou (68 generation). For Michinaga's father, a fujiwarakaneie and a mother are fujiwaratokihimes. The wife has borne 13 children by five persons. It became the Minister of the Left 996 years, and became a person in paramount authority. Power kept wanted at the blood relatives of the Fujiwara house. But Michinaga's last moment concentrated on Buddhist teachings.  

It became width to the same north pillow west as Gautama Buddha's Nirvana. It appeals for a Buddhist invocation and it is said that it passed away.  Murasakishikibu writes the "Tale of Genji" for such a background, and it is also upper wooden clogs.

There are - rise and fall also in an aristocrat's prosperity, and it expressed the futility of - various human relations.




<<The63-68th generation Emperor >>.

The 63rd generation and 967 to 969 years of the Emperor Reizei reign (for three years).

The 64th generation and 966 to 984 years of the Emperor Enyuu reign (for 15 years).

The 65th generation and 984 to 986 years of the Emperor hanayama reign (for three years).

The 66th generation and 986 to 1011 of the Emperor Ichijou reign (for 26 years).

The 67th generation and 1011 to 1016 of the Emperor Sanjo reign (for six years).

The 68th generation and 1016 to 1036 of the Emperor Go-ichijo reign (for 21 years).


<<hikarugenji. Comment in the middle of heian >> .

966 to fujiwaramitinaga (raw rejection) . 1028, 62 years old.


As for the Tale of Genji, from now on, the literary document also with 1000 [ wonderful in front ] was born by the female hand.

The creativity of a tale feels Japanese wisdom and wonderfulness especially.

Although the hero hikarugenji used the woman as my thing, it did not lead to the happiness of life. It was deprived of followers or a child by its later years, and self also suffered from the illness.

Although reached to an extreme of life ups and downs and prosperity, the last moment leaned on the help of the Buddha.

Murasakishikibu led and expressed especially the fictitious person who calls it a "hikarugenji."


<< hikarugenji >>

. Seiko and I obtained from the asuka of ancient history by setting up and experiencing even the middle of a heian in order to understand and get thisTherefore, Seiko was made into his wife when he wanted to love, as long as it was alive in the one woman.


<< Seiko >>.

It is agreement that Mr. Hikaru Genji was said. Since I am a woman, I would like to bear the child of a hikarugenji, and to build and enjoy a family.

<< hikarugenji >>.

There are only Seiko and one wish. He returns to the world, and notices a home and a child grows up. But our lives are also limits.


The last is produced alone and dies alone. This is actual. Therefore, please Seiko be mentally independent, if a child grows and a nest is left. But it is together till the last moment. Man was born in this world with the big mission. I could encounter the woman of the ideal and the aim of life has been achieved. A child needs to leave Seiko, she needs to look for a sense of mission as man, and needs to attain it. I offer full support to from now on watching and attaining Seiko's sense of mission, and aid. It is because I want her for Seiko to become one person, to find definite aim in life, and to live happily. I do not only want to carry out binding such a wonderful woman to a house and monopolizing her. It is the body with the confidence in which nobody is lost to love Seiko.

The highest happiness was felt and it has lived in the space of Seiko and ancient times. Thank you. It is together with every [ Seiko ].

Let's give a toast with everybody in the last ancient life this evening.














Characters.                                hikarugenji   36years old.

Seiko         29 years old.

The 67 talk   A return and now, it is a start by neutrino ship.


The middle of the heian in an ancient asuka and Nara was run about by two persons of a hikarugenji with Seiko.

It interviewed focusing on the Emperor who became all the past turning points, and carried out precious experience.


<< hikarugenji >>.

How was this trip, Seiko?

<< Seiko >>.

Was every day dreamlike and come from an asuka to Nara and the middle of a heian in the twinkling of an eye?

The interview with an ancient person was very interesting, and precious study of future life was made.

<< hikarugenji >>

Even the middle of a heian follows the point to an ups and downs time, as history shows.

Mr. Fujiwara's regency government carried out the end from Michinaga's heyday. Rise of an Emperor insei and a samurai greeted the end of the Fujiwara age. The dramatic change of power in which a heike seizes real power is born to a final field. This is the end of Emperor authority organization and is the beginning of the time of a samurai government.

Genji establishes a government to Kamakura following a heike, and authority shifts to a samurai from the Emperor completely.

An imperial family's constitution, especially decomposition of the Imperial Household will produce the samurai called a heike and Genji.


<< Seiko >>

Is there any necessity in the flow of history?

If it sees small, it will be the pile of an individual's decision-making.

Do the historical decision-making level and decision of an important person become important?

<< hikarugenji >>.

Well. That is the point. An individual is also the same.

I met Seiko, did, and when this was a match, I made decisions. The ancient travel also came so far, without being involved also in a happy big incident.

Ancient wonderful history could be felt and a sense of values and a view of life with Seiko have been shared. It is large satisfaction.

<< Seiko >>.

Although it is sad to already become the talk, it is also thanks to ancestral that it said and has established life with two pleasant persons in this way. It is important to return to the world, to reflect on that and to act.

<< hikarugenji >>.

That's right. There is progress of ten years in the world. Our age increased for ten years.

An uneme's younger sister returns previously and is preparing worldly life organization.

A home is the foot of a tengu mountain. He does not forget having talked with Seiko at the summit of the mountain. Seiko was regarded as earnest, love was carried out, and it loved. Reality clear now here? It saw.

It is said that a younger sister's uneme also tells Seiko's family a situation in detail, and understood pleasantly. It is a thing that he feels easy and wants you to return safely.

Let's bring many souvenirs home.

She has forgotten Seiko oh, the tiko, and the muku.


<< hikarugenji >>.

Please see Ms. right [ that ] Seiko back.

There, a usual tiko and muku were.

<< Seiko >>.

They are a tiko, a muku, and a family. good everybody -- together.

To Seiko's head, as for a tiko, a muku is furifuri about a tail.



Thank you for Mr. hikarugenji (TK)  in thank you for you.

<< uneme>>.

The younger sister is preparing the neutrino ship by the amanokaguyama.

<< hikarugenji >>.

We will leave an ancient asuka, Nara, and the Fujiwara Heian period, and will aim at the world. < all the members >>. n

power switch-on which is six persons for all the members.

Thank you for ancient your responding to an interview. I have been indebted ancient you and for a long time.







39 years old of hikarugenji.

32 years old of Seiko.

39 years old of unemes uneme.

27 years old of younger sisters.